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Samson & McGrath recover CI$6,000,000 for client in biggest personal injury award in Cayman Islands

iStock_000014325887Medium---Cayman-Flag11420463569Samson & McGrath are pleased to announce an award to our client of in excess of CI$6,000,000 plus costs after a trial in the Grand Court. The award represents the highest personal injury payout in a Cayman Islands Court.

This long-running case was taken on by Samson & McGrath 4 years ago and we are happy to bring the case to a successful conclusion for him. Clearly the award is an important and life changing settlement for our client.

Our client, who was 12 years old at the time of the accident, suffered a severe, complicated brain injury and effective blindness in his right eye. The accident left him with life changing injuries which have resulted in him being permanently incapable of meaningful employment and in need of substantial care to meet his needs for the remainder of his life.

Not only is it the largest personal injury award of damages in the history of the Cayman Islands, it has also established legal precedent for the protection of vulnerable parties in the absence of a Cayman Islands Court of Protection and confirmed a 10% uplift in Cayman on personal injury damages from UK guidelines to reflect the higher cost of living in the Cayman Islands.



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