January 21, 2022

The Editor Speaks: In your hands

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Colin Wilsonweb“In your hands” is a beautiful hymn sung to the tune of “Eres Tu”.

“In your hands” was also sung in the Legislative Assembly last Thursday to the tune of Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush.

You see, Bush has been a staunch advocate of Cleveland Dilbert’s proposed marina project and anything to do with environmental concerns is like staring at bowls of poison. The environment is not even in his list of 100 priorities but is number 1 on his agenda to fight with all his might.

So when ammunition landed in his hands that could show government’s bias against his beloved Dilbert’s application he sang the hymn to its fullest.

First we had Department of Environment Deputy Director Tim Austin’s “poor choice of words” (Austin’s description not mine) in trying to make a case for turtle nests in the vicinity of Salt Water Pond where Dilbert’s Marina would be situated and asking a turtle nest Brac amateur expert if there was turtle nests there adding the words “I hope so”. All in an email and all in the hands of Bush. This was the subject of an earlier editorial of mine.

The government passed two other marina plans for the Brac but delayed approving Dilbert’s because they said it required an Environmental Impact Study that the other two did not.

It also coincided with government’s final amendment to the National Conservation Law that had been passed last year but had not actually been made law. Government has said this will now be done very quickly. This after the other two Brac projects got approval.

Next into Bush’s hand came the disclosure that Tourism Minister and Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell has a “link” to the two approved projects.

Bush sang out as loud as only he can.

He even used some big words, “cronyism” and “nepotism”.

With cronyism meaning the practice of appointing friends to high level, especially political, posts regardless of their suitability, I spluttered and choked on that. Did Bush actually use that word? Yes he did and amazingly he received no retaliatory remarks back. Talk about calling the kettle black!!

And here he is showing for everyone to see his nepotism towards Dilbert whilst castigating the Tourism Minister for allegedly doing the same.

Those in glass houses Mr. Bush…..

However, it is case of who shouts the loudest will be heard and the Opposition Leader wins that contest hands down!

Even though the three projects might appear similar on paper it’s like saying apples and oranges are the same because they are fruits.

Bush has to know they are not the same.

It has always seemed so strange to me that Dilbert, a shrewd businessman, would want to construct an hotel right beside a smelly pond unless some ‘promises’ at the time had been made to him. I don’t know but I have my suspicions.

Dilbert certainly has a top performer in Bush.

In his hands he sings the top notes loud and clear even “cronyism” and “nepotism”. It’s just who is the bigger accused?


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