September 30, 2020

The Editor Speaks: If there was any doubt it has gone


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If there was any doubt in one’s mind whether it would be a good thing to go back in time to a country ruled by independents it should have evaporated into the ether by the shocking behaviour of the opposition, comprising mainly independents yesterday (13).

Premier Alden McLaughlin released a statement last Friday (10) evening saying that he had asked members to sit down and reach a compromise on the Legal Practitioners Bill () and that they had agreed.

This was widely reported in the press and on television but our Independent Member and main instigator of the trouble, , said on his Facebook page (no less) that:

“I have had no meetings with the PPM on the LPB and have heard of no meeting today as reported in the press. We have presented overwhelming evidence from brave Caymanian lawyers who have spoken about their plight and discrimination in the industry, what the premier himself has said on the issue in the past and the CBA memos to government and immigration.”

Oh, “the BRAVE Caymanian lawyers”! I am not feeling 100% and that is enough to send my already high blood pressure soaring. And then, of course, he’s got all these secret agents following and watching him. What a Champion for the poor and needy he is.

So he knew nothing about a meeting except what he read from the press. Therefore he knew about the meeting.

“Premier McLaughlin, this is Winston, Winston Connolly, I hear from the press you have invited us all to a meeting on Monday in camera to try and reach agreement on the LPB. As my salary is by the people of these Islands and I represent my District I must put my personal differences we have behind me and attend. I’m sorry I didn’t get to hear about the meeting directly from you but let us thank God we have a press.” Winston Connolly. That’s what he should have said!

But he is above that. He thinks people won’t see around his political manoeuvering.

He calls for government, via social media to investigate the claims made about the inequities in the sector and possible wrongdoing, and argues a case for a commission of inquiry right before an election.

A meeting in camera wouldn’t do his political ambitions any good at all. His great articulate posturing wouldn’t be heard. Social media, where no one can actually hear him, is the place where he can hide.

All the backbenchers will speak out against the LPB to the press and social media. However, the one place where they are PAID and to be and where the government of the day was offering them all an Olive Branch to sit down and try and thrash out the problems they have with it, none of them attend.

And this my dear readers is what we will see more of if we go the route of the Independents. Their perceived self importance in looking after the brave Caymanian people is just that. It is a figment of their imagination and to benefit their own political careers.

Do not be fooled.

I am ashamed of each and everyone of them.

If there was any doubt in my mind that a Legislative Assembly full of Independent MLA’s would be a good thing it has gone. I only wish my cold and cough had.

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