May 12, 2021

The Garden Club of Grand Cayman

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The Garden Club was founded on April 16th 1957 with the aim and purpose to promote interest and knowledge in gardening, particularly of our indigenous species.
“Keep Cayman Clean and Beautiful.” Is the continuing theme of the Club, and is vital in today’s society, where litter is commonplace and many people have little time to tend their gardens. Working hand in hand with the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park, the club works tirelessly with local organisations such as the France’s Bodden Children’s Home, the National Gallery, University College of Cayman Islands, Pines Retirement Home and the Mission House in Bodden Town. The Boy Scouts new building landscape commences in April, along with Cayman Hospice Care gardens next year. The group of club members aim to enhance the natural beauty of our surroundings by holding regular plantings, landscaping of newly built areas and fundraisers. Determined to spread the word to ensure everyone looks after our tri-island country, meetings are open to all and membership is encouraged.
Celebrating the 53rd. Flower Show, in the Club’s 60th Anniversary year, Club President, Ora Hollebon, is thrilled by the increasing number of members, which can only broaden the knowledge and heighten enthusiasm.
To enable the public to marvel at the beauty of the flora, and appreciate the amazing species of plant life, such as the vast array of orchids and flowering plants and the wide range of fruits and vegetables on island, the Flower Show is to be held over two days; the 31st. March and the 1st April. Admission is complimentary but visitors are encouraged to leave a donation which will enable the club to continue providing its services around the island.
The Flower Show committee has selected the most popular themes used in the Show since it began in 1961, promoting national pride and a sense of history. Florists have been encouraged to submit their designs in a wide variety of classes to give enjoyment and inspiration to all attendees of the event.
 “Flowers in Praise” aims to showcase ornamental flowering trees and plants with subsections for “Cayman the Beautiful”, specimens of trees such as Ylang Ylang, Broadleaf and Lucky Nut; “Rainbow of Flowers”, cut stems of, for example, Shell Ginger, Periwinkle and Ground Orchids; as well as cut examples of foliage plants for the themed “Show Time” division and the “Flowers of the Friendly Isles” displaying ornamental shrubs.
For container grown flower enthusiasts, the section “Spring Explosion” will demonstrate the beauty of gardener’s favourites such as the Begonia, Bougainvillea and Gardenia. “Living in Paradise” will highlight the aesthetic appeal of container grown foliage plants such as crotons, ferns and palms and “Marathon of Flowers” has been created specifically for orchids which thrive in the balmy temperatures of Grand Cayman. The most well known being  the endemic species, the Wild Banana Orchid, which was voted by the country’s population as the national flower in 1995.
As with all Flower Shows, creativity is of the utmost importance and the Garden Club is no exception. This year’s extravaganza features no less than 9 classes for creative design. Semi -formal table and informal tray arrangements, miniature designs, measuring no more than five inches in height and small designs not exceeding eight inches will be delicately crafted for the delight of visitors. In addition, there will also be reflective designs, sculptural forms and creative lines; which will certainly ensure that the Flower Show has a wow factor!
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