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The Editor Speaks: Agree to disagree

Colin WilsonwebI agree that the two articles, one from Bloomberg and the other (that quoted the Bloomberg article) from Royal Gazette are riddled with errors – see iNews story today “Cayman Islands: Bermuda press makes hay quoting error-riddled Bloomberg article”. It was sent to us from Cayman Finance and written by Steve McIntosh, CEO of CML

Both articles were making the point that 2,000 work permit holders would be leaving in October unless the new Cayman government acts quickly to make some legislation to prevent this.

The Royal Gazette article that is, of course, very pro Bermuda bends the ‘truth’ a little to make even the Cayman immigration pluses into minuses. That is the nature of much of today’s journalism.

Where I disagree with Mr. McIntosh is that he has missed the main point of both articles – “Paradise Lost” and “Cayman Islands could eject 2,000 work permit holders”.

Not only has he missed the point he hasn’t even addressed the problem.

These work permit holders cannot just wait until October for a decision. It’s not like a factory where you carry on working until the bell or siren goes off and then you leave.

I know of three cases of senior banking employees who have now sold their homes because of the indecision regarding the October deadline.

All we have heard from is Eric Bush, Chief Officer of the Ministry of Home Affairs, who said “Cayman’s new Premier Alden McLaughlin has made it “quite clear” to his immigration department that he wants to find a way to keep the expatriates while reducing a growing unemployment situation for Caymanians”.

Yes, Mr. Bush was wrongly identified as Cayman’s Chief Immigration Officer, but it is the message that is important and not so much the title. It was an immigration matter and that is where, most likely, the mistake was made.

Another problem with the new government headed by Mr. McLaughlin, is the rollover policy. When the Progressives (PPM) were in power before, they brought in the Draconian 7 year ‘your time is up’ limit within weeks of them coming into power.  They are, therefore, tarnished to ex-premier Bush’s delight, as being anti-ex pat.

I actually put this conception, which is out on Cayman’s streets, that McLaughlin personally is against ex-pats to our new premier when he was campaigning. He denied it with caution.

Unfortunately, whatever decision is made it is not going to please everyone. However, if you are going to make a decision that will not please the ground roots Caymanian base of your party it is best to do it early on in your tenure.

Pleasing voters with a policy that has harmful ramifications down the line for your country will not save you at the next election. But the PPM have already found that out.

I would be pleased to know Mr. McIntosh’s answer to the real questions posed by both articles now he has pointed out all the errors they contained.

Then I may be able to completely agree with him.


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