September 23, 2020

“That’s My Boy” movie has ended its run at Hollywood Theatres


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Caymanian Child Support Worker, Marilyn Conolly, called for a boycott of a movie that was playing at Cayman’s Camana Bay Hollywood Theatres last Wednesday (20) on CITN/Cayman27 local television news programme

The film she wanted boycotted is American comedian Adam Sandler’s movie  “That’s My Boy” that is supposedly a comedy.

M/s Connolly says the film glorifies rape.

“This movie portrays statutory rape of a 13-year-old child as the basis for the comedic material later in the film,” she said. “The statutory rape of the child is portrayed as normal behavior. It is endorsed as appropriate sexual behaviour for a 13-year-old male and shows scenes where the males friends actually high five him congratulating him on the relationship with him and his teacher which in the Cayman Islands is rape.”

However, M/s Connolly needn’t have worried as the film finished at the cinema on Thu (21) the day after her complaint.

Judging by the reviews and ratings on the movie website IMDb it is a pretty awful film and scores a 2 out of 10 stars after 46 reviews.

The film begins with Donny, a pretty boy pre-teen having an affair with his lustful teacher. She has a baby, goes to jail, and  Donny becomes a media sensation seen through the opening credits. The real story begins thirty years later as Donny’s uptight son “Todd,” is about to land a big promotion and marry his beautiful high-maintenance fiancé.

Meanwhile Donny, in his own seedy neck of the woods, owes a bundle for taxes and will go to jail if he doesn’t get fifty grand. With an offer to appear on a tabloid show, he has to maneuver his son, whom he hasn’t seen in years, to visit mom (the teacher) in jail for a big payoff.

With an abundance of “toilet jokes” that keeps pushing a ragged envelope – from masturbation to incest to everything you can possibly imagine – the plot is all but forgotten.

The review headlines all virtually say the same and this is a small sample: “Unbelievably Horrible!”, “Don’t see this mess”, “Walked out the theater for the first time ever”,  “Spend the 114 minutes doing chores you hate the thought of”, and this one echoes Marilyn Conolly’s point – “How Do We Make Statutory Rape Funny?”

I would have changed the ‘How’ to ‘WHY’.

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