February 21, 2024

US: Scalise wins secret ballot for Speaker 

screenshot Newsmax TV By John Gizzi From Newsmax The House GOP conference has finished its secret ballot Wednesday. While the vote has yet to be released, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., is believed to be the winner. The House Conference rejected a motion to require 217 Republican votes for a candidate before the ballot goes […]

Baltimore Pastor plans 40 Mile Walk to White House to call for Presidential action on Reparations on Presidents’ Day

Will hold 3:30PM Ceremony & Press Availability at White House Gate Baltimore, MD — Rev. Dr. Robert Turner, Senior Pastor of Empowerment Temple AME Church announced plans today to walk 40 miles from his church in Baltimore to the White House, on February 20, Presidents’ Day.  The purpose for the “40 for 40 Walk” is to […]

John Gizzi Remembers Bob Dole

By John Gizzi From Newsmax Any reporter who had the pleasure of covering Bob Dole grew very sad on Sunday morning after learning of his death. I certainly did.  Dole had the memory of the Republican’s emblematic elephant. But he also took defeat and criticism with his signature sarcastic and somewhat snarky humor. Having finally won […]

White House continues defense of VP amid media speculation

By Jack Gournell From Newsmax The White House on Monday continued its defense of Vice President Kamala Harris amid reports of a deepening rift between her and President Joe Biden. White House press secretary Jen Psaki called Harris “a valuable member of our team, The Hill reported, a day after a late-night tweet on the same subject following a CNN report suggesting dysfunction […]

What did Hurricane Dorian do to the Bahamas’ coral reefs?

By Chris D’Angelo From Mother Jones This story was originally published by the HuffPost and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. As the people of the Bahamas struggle to recover from Hurricane Dorian, the strongest storm in the nation’s history, a team of scientists is setting out to assess the damage to the vibrant coral reefs that are key […]

4 US journalists excluded from a dinner with Trump and Kim Jong Un at the summit in Vietnam

Reuters From Business Insider The White House barred reporters from Reuters, the Associated Press, Bloomberg and the Los Angeles Times from covering a dinner between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Wednesday after two of them asked Trump questions during his initial interactions with Kim. The reporters are part of […]

5 dogs, 5 US Presidents

These 5 presidents did have time for dogs By laura Goldman From Care2 You’re probably aware that Donald Trump is the only president in over a century who does not have a pet in the White House. Apparently, he has never had a pet at all. During his February 11 rally in El Paso, Trump brought up this topic. “I […]

Where? When? How? China and United States at odds over right place and time for next Xi-Trump summit

By Laura Zhou Zhou Xin From South China Morning Post Beijing has suggested the next China-US summit take place on the tropical Chinese island of Hainan next month, following suggestions from the White House that US President Donald Trump is eager to meet with his counterpart, Xi Jinping, sooner than later. “He wants to meet […]

Venezuela allows US diplomats to stay, defusing showdown

From Newsmax Venezuela defused a potential showdown with the United States, suspending a demand that U.S. diplomats leave the country as Washington called on the world to “pick a side” in the South American nation’s fast-moving crisis. Socialist President Nicolas Maduro broke relations with the United States on Wednesday after the Trump administration and many […]

These are all the federal HTTPS domains that’ll expire soon because of the US government shutdown

By Zack Whittaker From TechCrunch We like to think of ourselves as nerds here at TechCrunch, which is why we’re bring you this. During the government shutdown, security experts noticed several federal websites were throwing back browser errors because the TLS certificate, which lights up your browser with “HTTPS” or flashes a padlock, on many domains had […]