November 27, 2022

Alarming increase in crime and violence in the Caribbean to be addressed at upcoming regional meeting

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By Congress of Community Practitioners (PRESS RELEASE) – Crime and violence are increasing in the Caribbean at alarming levels. Figures or murders for leading Caribbean nations are staggering and the many individuals who are injured tell a frightening tale of the unwillingness of people to report matters to police, challenges within the police forces to respond […]

Frog with mouth sewn shut shows up in St.Lucia.

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By SNO from Times Caribbean Attracts crowd, onlookers say its OBEAH! A large frog [Crapaud (CROPPO)]Frog with its mouth sewn near a court house in Castries has attracted a lot of attention. Reports are that the frog was first spotted inside the court house then ejected. “I don’t know who the brave person is who […]