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Frog with mouth sewn shut shows up in St.Lucia.

20140527_095956-1By SNO from Times Caribbean

Attracts crowd, onlookers say its OBEAH!

A large frog [Crapaud (CROPPO)]Frog with its mouth sewn near a court house in Castries has attracted a lot of attention.

Reports are that the frog was first spotted inside the court house then ejected.

“I don’t know who the brave person is who sent it outside,” said an eyewitness, adding that the incident caused a “a lil frantic riot earlier”.

Persons are claiming that the frog is being used as part of a witchcraft or obeah ritual over a court case.

“Look it, a witness will not be able to talk,” a woman said.

Others shared their comments:

“That must be a major case and so they must have put the names of the officers in charge and some other persons names. That case will go unsolved because the officer with the evidence won’t speak because of the witchcraft.”

“It’s sad that there is so much evil in the country. I thought people had eased up on these things but I guess my thinking was wrong.”

“Oh my God, its mouth is sewn, this evil needs to stop.”

“Someone won’t be speaking in court today.”

It is reported that salt was thrown on the frog but it had not budged. Persons were frantically taking photos of the amphibian.

“Salt was thrown on it. It’s not dead but it refuses to make a shift,” one person had said.

One man said: “I have heard from older folks that people write your name on paper or something and put it in a frog’s mouth, sew it up and release the frog so that you won’t be able to speak properly with regards to a certain matter.”

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