December 4, 2022

Writers who don’t use modern technology

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From Mashable For most writers, a laptop is an essential tool, providing a space to create and save their masterpieces. But over the years, a number of famous faces have admitted they don’t like using modern technology to pen their various novels, short stories and scripts. Danielle Steel, who is currently the bestselling author alive, […]

Gawker to Quentin Tarantino: We’re Safely Based in the Cayman Islands

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By Eriq Gardner Nick Denton’s company throws up a jurisdictional challenge to the lawsuit over the “Hateful Eight” leak. Gawker has a tropical reason why a judge should dismiss Quentin Tarantino’s lawsuit over a leak of his Hateful Eight script. Gawker’s Nick Denton Explains Why Invasion of Privacy Is Positive for Society Quentin Tarantino’s New […]