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The Editor speaks: It’s all ‘hope”, “anticipation”, “expected”, “most”, and “should”

Whilst Mount Trashmore gets bigger and our garbage gets collected less we finally get an update from government on the proposed new waste cycling centre. Or more correct, the ISWMS facilities (Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), Composting facility, Household Waste Recycling…

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Cayman Islands Ministry of Health Statement on progress of ISWMS negotiations

Negotiations between CIG and the Preferred Bidder (PB) have been going well.  CIG and the PB have been in numerous meetings over the last year to get to the stage where we can finalize the ISWMS Contract and it has…

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Stingray swimmers wrapped up the 2013-2014 Swim Season with members competing in swim meets around the globe

From Stingray Swim Club Courtis Brothers rush the podium at CISC        July 9, 2014 After Catriona MacRae nabbed gold in the 10k event at the Caribbean Island Swimming Championship in Barbados, it was time for the pool events where the…