July 6, 2022

Dengue fever outbreak stopped by special mosquitoes

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From BBC Australian researchers say for the first time an entire city has been protected from viral disease dengue. Captive-bred mosquitoes with a naturally occurring bacteria were released in the city of Townsville, where they mated with local mosquitoes. By spreading the bacteria Wolbachia, which hinders dengue transmission, the city has been dengue-free since 2014. […]

Scientists are using dogs instead of traps to study rare endangered species, and it’s working

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By Mike Wehner From BGR Scientists studying hard-to-find endangered species are often left with a difficult choice when it comes to locating specimens to research. They can attempt to find the animals themselves, spending hours, days, or even weeks on what can sometimes be a fruitless endeavor, or they can set traps, which are more […]