February 5, 2023

New cryptocurrency trading platform to launch for Latin American & Caribbean markets

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By Diana Ngo From Coin Journal A new startup called Cryptofacil has announced plans to launch “the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America and the Caribbean.” The exchange will be powered by Bittrex’s trading platform technology and will feature 200 digital tokens and more than 270 trading pairs. The Cryptofacil team, based in Uruguay, will […]

How the Zika narrative about Puerto Rico explains US colonialism

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By Firuzeh Shokooh Valle From Caribean News Now The natives are in “chaos.” The “war against zika” has been “a failure.” A governor’s adviser left his position “in disgust,” and went to vacation in Spain. Disease is rampant. “Some” has been done, “sometimes effectively.” Mosquitoes “breed” in old tires. There are no “cutting-edge plans” to […]