August 10, 2022

G.T. Landfill tyre shedding

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The following are pictures taken yesterday (Wed 18) at the George Town Landfill showing the end of the tyre shedding: Before 1—A benchmark from 2017. After 32—Shows the same space as it is now, with all but a very few tyres cleared. Minister Seymour …gloves— Self-explanatory with Jason Brown of Island Recycling (left), Minister Seymour […]

Tyre-shredding ends at Cayman Islands Landfill

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A project that shredded nearly 700,000 tyres stockpiled at the George Town landfill came to a close this morning (Wednesday, 18 July 2018), some 16 months after it began. During that time Island Recycling, and its partner company Guernsey Recycling Group (GRG), shredded some 670,000 tyres, weighing in at approximately 6,700 metric tonnes, or 14.8 […]

The Editor Speaks: Aren’t you tired of trashed tyres?

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I am using the proper English spelling of tyres against the American “tires” although that would have been better for my half-hearted attempt at a pun. At long last we might be on track to getting rid of the tiresome, unsightly and fire hazardous rubber rings that have been mounting up on Mount Trashmore for […]