October 24, 2020

G.T. Landfill tyre shedding


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The following are pictures taken yesterday (Wed 18) at the George Town Landfill showing the end of the tyre shedding:

Before 1—A benchmark from 2017.
After 32—Shows the same space as it is now, with all but a very few tyres cleared.
…gloves— Self-explanatory with of (left), Minister Seymour (centre) and Acting Director DEH Richards Simms (right).
Minister Seymour…tyre—The Minister loads a tyre on the belt.

Shredder in action—The shredded tyre coming off the conveyor belt after processing, to be stored and used in local development.


To read full story go to article published on iNews Cayman Wednesday July 18 2018 “Tyre-shredding ends at ” at: https://www.ieyenews.com/wordpress/tyre-shredding-ends-at-cayman-islands-landfill/

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