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Feeling defeated by the Supreme Court’s EPA ruling? There’s still a lot we can do

America’s highest court has limited the EPA’s authority to regulate power plant emissions. By Reynard Loki / Independent Media Institute Signed into law by President Richard Nixon in 1970 with the intention of reducing and controlling air pollution nationwide, the…

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Royal Caribbean joins IKEA, says it will eventually eliminate plastic straws

By Maria LaMagna From Market Watch Consumers and lawmakers are calling for the reduction in the use of plastic. When faced with paper or plastic, more businesses and their customers are saying, “Paper.” The cruise line Royal Caribbean RCL, -0.88%…

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Officials: GMO mosquitoes aren’t ‘Drugs,’ need EPA oversight

AP From WLRN U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials say genetically modified mosquitoes are not “drugs” and should be regulated by environmental authorities. According to guidelines posted online Wednesday, federal officials have decided that mosquitoes engineered by the biotech firm…

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Terminix offering $87M to family sickened by Industrial pesticide during Caribbean vacation

By Mary Beth Quirk From Consumerist The Delaware family that was sickened by toxic pesticide during their stay in a luxury condo in the Caribbean last year could be getting $87 million from Terminix as part of a proposed settlement….

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Plants bought from major U.S. stores are killing bees

By Marina Koren for National Journal From Mashable Gardens may give flowers and plants life, but they can also be a death sentence for its most frequent visitors: bees. Plants sold at major retail nurseries are often treated with pesticides…

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Greenhouse gas ruling gives EPA leeway to regulate

Marcia Coyle, from supreme court brief Five years ago, environmentalists endured their worst term in decades, suffering a stunning 0-5 outcome in the U.S. Supreme Court. This term, they are 2-1 and victorious on the most pressing of their issues:…

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The Editor Speaks: Smoke

Further to my Editorial on Monday (17) regarding the dump fire and the smoke from it that made me feel nauseous, I received a number of comments this morning in my email inbox, all agreeing with me. One was from…