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David Marchant

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What crooks & their enablers are saying about OffshoreAlert

From OffshoreAlert “David Marchant is only alive because killing him would be a crime.” That was the slogan about OffshoreAlert’s owner and editor on a custom T-Shirt owned by Panama-based accountant Marc Harris in 1998 after OffshoreAlert had exposed his…

The Editor Speaks: The Grand Order of Gobble de gook

One of my biggest hates (yes I do have more than one) is gobble de gook and it seems when you work for government you are trained and elected into its Grand Order. A few weeks ago I wrote on…

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OffshoreAlert Conference Europe: Agenda Launch

OffshoreAlert has just released the agenda for their third annual European conference on ‘Financial Intelligence & Investigations’, which will take place in London on November 10 and 11. A limited number of Pre-Sale Tickets are available until August 13 for…