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OffshoreAlert Conference Europe: Agenda Launch

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 12.37.01 PMOffshoreAlert has just released the agenda for their third annual European conference on ‘Financial Intelligence & Investigations’, which will take place in London on November 10 and 11.

A limited number of Pre-Sale Tickets are available until August 13 for only £545 – a saving of £300 on the regular ticket price that will come into effect in September.

For details go to:

“We specialise in providing no-nonsense information that you typically don’t hear in a public forum for fear of offending powerful people or businesses,” said David Marchant, OffshoreAlert’s Owner and Editor. “We’re not concerned with protocol and catering to the sensibilities of the powers-that-be. Our only goal is to provide accurate, credible and up-to-date information to help attendees make better decisions when conducting business in international financial centres, particularly offshore jurisdictions.”

There will be 17 sessions for providers, clients and investigators of financial products and services. All with a view to helping them reduce their risk of becoming a victim of fraud and, if that has already happened, providing a road-map to recovering assets.

Sessions will include:

An Investigator’s Guide to Offshore Financial Centres;

Bitcoin: Its Role in Financial Crime & How To Trace Transactions Back to Individuals;

Inside Cayman’s Hedge Fund Industry;

The Channel Islands Stock Exchange Scandal: An Analysis;

How I Caught ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’;

How To Detect Investment Fraud 100% of the Time (Or Close To It);

Tracing USD Wire Transfers Through Intermediary Bank Discovery;

Corruption & Match-Fixing in Football: How Big is the Problem?;

Why Do The Chinese & Other Foreigners Flock to the BVI?;

Litigation Funding: An In-Depth Look at the Industry;

Offshore Financial Intelligence Units: Are They Busy & With What Type of Activity?;

The Hunt for Offshore Tax Evaders & Those Who Assist Them;

The Magnitsky Murder: A Window Into Russian Money Laundering;

China: A New Frontier For Asset Recovery Professionals;

Europe’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Ruling: Will It Allow Reprobates to Conceal Their Pasts From Clients & Investigators?

To register or find out more about The 3rd Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe, visit


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