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What crooks & their enablers are saying about OffshoreAlert

From OffshoreAlert

“David Marchant is only alive because killing him would be a crime.”

That was the slogan about OffshoreAlert’s owner and editor on a custom T-Shirt owned by Panama-based accountant Marc Harris in 1998 after OffshoreAlert had exposed his criminal offshore financial enterprise.

Twenty years later, Marchant is still alive and Harris is enjoying his freedom again after completing 13 years in prison in the United States following his conviction for fraud and money laundering in 2003.

You can read what crooks, their attorneys and others have had to say about OffshoreAlert on our new Testimonials page LOCATED HERE.

As former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.”

Since OffshoreAlert was launched in 1997, we have exposed more than 175 investment frauds and helped law enforcement and regulators hold those responsible accountable.

Find out how we do it and why fraudsters hate us at The 7th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe, which will take place at the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, in London, on November 12-13th, 2018.

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“We help our clients operate more effectively in the world of high-value international finance.”

– David Marchant, Owner & CEO, OffshoreAlert

“It’s like that famous bar in ‘Star Wars’, where they all come together — the good guys, the bad guys, the seriously guilty — and they all exchange information on neutral territory.”

– Jack Blum, Financial Crime Expert


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