November 26, 2022

‘Somebody needs their head examined if they think this is good for the American economy’: Businesses are sounding the alarm on Trump’s tariffs

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By Akin Oyedele  From Business Insider Manufacturers in Texas are the latest to warn about the adverse impact of US trade policy on their businesses. “I can’t believe the effect the tariff response has had on the metals trade,” a fabricated-metal producer said in a response edited for the Dallas Federal Reserve’s manufacturing survey. “Somebody […]

Oil services company Civeo is getting demolished

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By Myles Udland From Business Insider Shares of the oil services company Civeo are crashing. In late morning trade on Tuesday, shares of the company were down about 50% to $4.07 per share after Civeo announced on Monday afternoon that it would suspend its quarterly dividend and slash capital expenses. In a press release, Civeo […]