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Cayman Islands family sends open letter to MLA’s re Damages Claim against CIG

To MLA”s Bullet Points – New Cayman Trademark Law – Damages Claim against CIG – Expropriation of Private Property n 2006 Commercial Services td, the ,Polack family company, registered the Cayman trademark for three classes of foodstuffs as part of…

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The Editor Speaks: Government departments are masters of stalling

Back in 2009 Iain Franklin from the Director of Lands & Survey wrote a Memo to the Financial Secretary, Director Budget Management Unit re Stamp Duty on Residential Leases. See attachment. Franklin was pursuing the “lack of enforcement of Stamp…

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The Editor Speaks: The review of the RCIPS has already been executed

A very confidential review of the RCIPS “fell” into my hands and I have been given the go ahead to publish it. This review was carried out by Peter Polack using the preambles and subtitles. A full report can quickly…

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Cayman Islands lawyer inquiry regarding collection of stamp duty for unregistered leases

Peter Polack, a Cayman Islands lawyer, is concerned about the collection or non-collection of stamp duty for unregistered leases. Polack, speaking to iNews Cayman said, “In a time of government austerity and no progress for tenant rights under the Registered…

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Cayman Islands Government IT Security report warns of serious threats to its security

From The Office of The Auditor General Cayman Islands September 2015 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Cayman Islands Government (“CIG”) is highly dependent on information technology for the management of its business and the delivery of public services. As it looks to…

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Cayman Islands Aud. Gen gives 2 scathing reports on CIG’s construction projects and social assistant programmes

From Office of the Auditor General Cayman Islands #1 Poor management of construction projects significantly increased the Government’s costs Projects to construct high schools and build additions at four primary schools were badly managed by the Ministry of Education, significantly…

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The Editor Speaks: Impatience and negative press releases don’t help their cause

World Animal Protection, formerly known as World Society for the Protection of Animals, the change in name possibly due to its length although WAP is only one letter more than WSPA, is impatient. This is the Caribbean. Patience is the…

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The EY Project Future: Creating a sustainable future for the Cayman Islands Review made public

Cayman Islands Premier, Hon. Alden McLaughlin has released the report by Ernst and Young (EY)into the rationalization of government and the potential sale of public services. The report, 263 pages long, makes recommendations for a sell off of government assets…

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New Exempted Limited Partnership Law comes into force

From Solomon Harris The Cayman Islands Exempted Limited Partnership Law, 2014 came into force last week following its gazettal on Wednesday, 2 July 2014. The new law (the ‘Law’) is the result of years of consultation with the financial services…

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Waste Management Strategic Outline Case now approved

The Strategic Outline Case (SOC) for the Cayman Islands Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) has been released to the public this week. Prepared by the Steering Committee for the ISWMS, the SOC was approved by Cabinet earlier this month….