September 20, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Impatience and negative press releases don’t help their cause


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Colin Wilsonweb, formerly known as World Society for the Protection of Animals, the change in name possibly due to its length although is only one letter more than WSPA, is impatient.

This is the Caribbean. Patience is the name of the game. The more you shout – the less you achieve.

WAP doesn’t get it.

They love handing out press releases screaming nothing is being done, talks have broken down, and damaging all the good work that took them a long time to achieve.

WAP – you do have a sympathetic government but carrying on as you are want to do, sending letters to ignorant Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom who don’t understand all the facts nor do they want to hear them, is not going to win you any friends and worse no action.

You almost won me round when you were last here and I said at the meeting you do have the most sympathetic government you will ever have – do NOT annoy them. Be .

WAP (doesn’t sound nice when you put the letters together does it?) states:

“Discussions with the current Government were first spearheaded by World Animal Protection’s CEO Mike Baker over a year ago. These encouraging early discussions highlighted key areas of mutual concern over animal welfare conditions related to the Farm, such as overcrowding, the possible introduction of infectious diseases into the wild through the Farm’s turtle release program, and the illegal poaching of wild sea turtles.

“Initially it appeared that the was eager to rapidly move to address these areas of mutual concern. In November 2013, the controversial wild sea turtle release program was cancelled, and in early 2014, UK Government funding to investigate the true scale of Caymanian demand for sea turtle meat was also secured by the Caymanian Department of the Environment.

“However, during this time the CIG has also failed to act to address some of the most serious animal welfare problems raised by World Animal Protection. Overcrowding, cannibalism, injuries and disease among the approximately 10,000 endangered green sea turtles at the Farm remain a significant concern.”

And this one I really laughed at:

“After more than a year of patient engagement and talks behind closed doors, it is now time for the CIG to act. The root causes of acute animal suffering at the Farm, such as the severe overcrowding of turtles there, simply cannot be ignored any longer. World Animal Protection’s door remains open, but the CIG must want to walk through.”

Patient engagement? WAP have been shooting themselves in the foot every time they meet the local press and send out their threatening releases.

WAP has been PATIENT? And they have an open door? I wouldn’t want to walk through it – and I agree with a lot of their concerns!

Government has been waiting for a study to be executed that didn’t just include the Turtle Farm. Although the findings of the study concerning the Turtle Farm I could have written without even visiting it. Somehow I don’t think the financial figures of such losses there are going to attract a buyer anytime soon.

WAP, you might have a new name but you need a “WAP” around the knuckles for sending out this release at such bad timing.

See iNews Cayman story published September 21 2014 “World Animal Protection fears talks with Cayman Islands Government have broken down since July meetings; Issues Statement” at:



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