May 10, 2021

Cayman Islands family sends open letter to MLA’s re Damages Claim against CIG

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water-authoritycig-letter-trademark-purchaseTo MLA”s

Bullet Points – New Cayman Trademark Law – Damages Claim against CIG – Expropriation of Private Property

n 2006 Commercial Services td, the ,Polack family company, registered the Cayman trademark for three classes of foodstuffs as part of their Cayman Sea Salt business which has just celebrated 10 years of operation. See UK certificate attached.

· This trademark was extended to the Cayman Islands under existing protocol and published in t Cayman Gazette 14 May 2007. See attached gazette.

· Since then CSL has been paying annual fees for the Cayman registration until 29 August 2016. See attached renewal certificate.

· The Porsche Cayman car and related classes are similarly registered by the Porsche company of Germany. They can be expected to make a similar claim.

· In June 2016 the CIG announced It would also remove the exclusive rights to the use of certain words which were registered in the UK such as ‘Cayman’.

certified-registration-cayman-tm-2016cayman-tm-certificate· This was repeated on 6 October 2016 in the Compass when Minister Panton stated: One of the big changes for trademarks, Mr. Panton said, is that “Cayman” is currently trademarked in the U.K. and makes it difficult for any businesses to use the word “Cayman” in a trademark business name. See

· On 8 January 2013 The water Authority advised they did not want to purchase the Cayman water trademark. See attached letter.

· By 18 August 2014 email below Marco Archer advised the CIG was not interested in buying the trademarks as part of a proposed Caymanian Entrepreneur Initiative.

· On 6 February 2015 Alan Jones on behalf of Minister Tibbetts said that CIG did not wish to but trademarks. See attached letter.

· A warning email below was sent to CIG on 22 July 2016 by the trademark owner.

cayman-tm· The trademarks owned include Cayman Rum Cake and it is noted that status was recently proposed for a principal of a company with a rival trademark. This road can only lead to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

· A nearly US$200 million judgment was made against the Belize CIG for expropriating the Belize telecom. See

There will be much international publicity of this proposed expropriation of private property.


Peter (Polack)

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