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Sustainable Success: An Island Makes History with Exclusive Wind and Solar Power 

An Island Makes History Using Only Wind And Solar Power For 28 Days Straight

El Hierro, one of the main islands of Spain’s Canary archipelago, made history in the summer of 2023 when it supplied all the island’s energy needs with just wind and water power for 28 days straight, as Euronews Green reported. El Hierro (sometimes called Ferro) is currently the only island in the world to have achieved such a feat, said the news outlet, and it serves as a beacon of hope to cool the planet.­Read more­
Cook Islands academics lead the way in climate research
Two Cook Islanders are at the helm of new Pacific research into population dynamics of the Pacific – home to a population of 13 million – projected to become 20 million by 2050. Professor Yvonne Underhill-Sem MNZM, co-lead of the University of Auckland research team, and Dr Tina Newport are working alongside Dr Roannie Ng Shiu (from Samoa) on the comprehensive report. The report is the 1st product of the University’s major Pacific-led research project on climate mobility.­Read more­
Plenty more flying fish in the sea? Tobago’s fears as Bajan boats move in
As prized shoals of flying fish move away from Barbados and closer to Tobago, decades-old tensions between the islands are growing over fisheries, sustainability and territorial waters. Andel Daniel has been fishing in Trinidad and Tobago’s territorial waters for more than 30 years. During that time, he has seen a significant drop in the number of flying fish within his patch of the Caribbean Sea. Cleaning his catch on the quayside of Buccoo after an early morning fishing trip, he blames the shortage on fishing boats from Barbados and Venezuela moving into Tobago’s waters.­Read more­
The Island Finance Forum is officially back!
FREE virtual event: The Island Finance Forum is back this year from the 6th to 8th of March. The 3-day event is the premier global event for sustainable finance and investment for islands. The Forum gathers cross sector experts from around the world to discuss the current challenges and opportunities of mobilising financing for inclusive and sustainable development. Register today!­Register here­

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