November 28, 2023

St. K&N: Contributors to Social Security to receive $1000 as Workers Bonus

BASSETERRE, SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS, 20TH SEPTEMBER 2023 —Prime Minister and Minister of Social Security, Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew has announced the payment of $1000 to contributors to the Social Security Fund to include Pensioners and active workers as part of the Government’s RESET initiatives for the fortieth anniversary of independence.
This Workers Bonus will be paid to all pensioners, and active workers who have made at least 26 contributions to social security from January 2019 to present. Only pensioners and active workers who reside in Saint Kitts and Nevis will be paid.
There is no registration and no need to resubmit information.  Payments will be processed using the banking details utilized for CBI dividend payments.
Beginning this week, the first batch of payments will be deposited to pensioners’ local bank accounts.
Subsequent batches will be paid accordingly until all qualified workers are paid.
For additional information contact the Social Security Board at 869 465 2535 or 869 469 5245 or ask questions via Whatsapp at 869 662 8479, 869 667 2535, 869 668 2545, 869 669 2545.

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