December 10, 2023

‘Something fishy’ going on in Jamaica under the JLP gov’t says Golding

From Jamaica Observer

PNP Leader Mark Golding speaking to a crowd of supporters at the Donald Quarrie High School on Sunday, July 23, 2023.

“Comrades now them say they want to extend the tenure of the DPP. Them do it once already, for three years, we didn’t agree with it and we expressed our reasons behind it,” said Golding.

“We hear now seh them want amend the constitution to enable her to have another term in office. That is not good governance- that would be abuse of their parliamentary majority- to amend the constitution so that one person can get more time in office,” charged Golding.

Golding further expressed concern that he believed that the democracy of Jamaica is under threat, adding that the nation was relying on his party to, not only defend the rights of citizens, but restore and ensure good governance.

“The Jamaican people are depending on the People’s National Party to defend their rights, when it comes to rights of liberty and freedom and to defend good governance when it comes to systems of democracy that are there to ensure that the resource of the people are used for the people and not for the cronies and friends who have power at a given point in time,” said Golding.

“ And I am hear to tell you that when we become the next government and we find out that anything did gwan before we come inn deh, and crimes were committed, and wrongs were done, sorry fi dem because we nah ease up, we’re going to hold them accountable for their wrongdoing because the Jamaican people deserve and want that.”

– Denieca Brown

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