October 20, 2020

Rollover but don’t die


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I have written a number of articles on the rollover issue and my opposition to it. I am a paper Caymanian so the Independent Member for North Side, Ezzard Miller, may not be interested in them. My views are totally in line with the publisher, Joan (Watler) Wilson, whom was very outspoken in her opposition when it was introduced by the very party she supported (at that time). Everything she forecast unfortunately has come true.

I have always respected Mr. Miller and I am puzzled at his insistence that it is “incompetent government and the high cost of doing business that has caused Cayman’s economic difficulties and that the idea that immigration policy is preventing the country from attracting ‘high net worth’s’ or investors, as claimed by both the premier and Anthony Travers at the recent Generation Now debate, is a red herring.”

I can agree with him regarding his comments of “incompetent government” and the “high cost of doing business” here are certainly contributing factors. I would add, however, on top of the ROLLOVER POLICY.

The new Term Limit Extension Period (TLEP) to avoid Rollover is a giant step in the right direction providing the fears Mr. Miller rightly voices have the necessary safeguards. Mr. Miller’s concerns are that the issue of legal and human rights to residency after a given period may raise its head again with the workers who are granted a TLEP some of whom will have been living in Cayman for more than nine years when their new permit expires.

Sherri Bodden-Cowan, Chairperson of the TLEP, denies this will happen. She says any suggestion to the contrary is scaremongering. The TELP allows workers who were due to leave the island under the seven year limit to stay for another two years subject to the usual conditions. The law, however, states they cannot apply for residency and will not be able to use this permit as a road to status.

As long as Mr. Miller stays I don’t think any Caymanian, indigenous or paper, will need to worry about Government giving citizenship to persons coming here to work.




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