November 28, 2023

Rajki Delicacies introduce TWO new flavours at Cafe Blue Show

Rajki Delicacies will introduce two new flavours – a delicate taste of coconut  and a hint of cinnamon kurma at Cafe Blue, Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica next Saturday
23 June.

The new coconut and cinnamon flavours along with original kurma will be a delicious treat for families heading over to Montego Bay for a fun-filled  weekend. Kurma goes well with hot beverages and Cafe Blue offers a wide selection.

Kurma also goes well with wine and other beverages.

Well-known for its Jamaica Blue Mountain  coffee, Cafe Blue also offers various teas and  chocolate drinks – all delightful with kurma.

While the family fun goes on at the Saturday morning event, there will be business talk and networking for beverage business interests.

Please visit: and scroll left for snack size packs of kurma – good or gift baskets too.

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