January 28, 2022

Quit your job and move to the Caribbean – How to make this work

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Beautiful beach you’ll enjoy when you quit your job and move to the Caribbean. – IMAGE: Pexels

It’s safe to say that we all had moments in life when we wanted to quit our jobs, leave everything, and move to one of the tropical islands in the Caribbean. But what if you actually do it? What if you bite the bullet and move to the Caribbean next month? This may sound crazy, but many Americans are deciding to take this huge step in their lives. Given the scenic beaches, tropical weather, laid-back lifestyle away from all the rush, and breathtaking sunsets in this mesmerizing mosaic of islands, moving to the Caribbean sounds like a fantastic idea. So, if you seriously want to quit your job and move to the Caribbean, here is how to make this work!

Before you quit your job and move to the Caribbean

Since quitting your job and moving to the Caribbean is not an easy decision to make, many people are going back and forth with it. However, once you put your foot down and make a final decision to actually do it, you’ll have to commit to the process. The first step is quitting your job, obviously. But let’s see what to do next before you actually relocate to the Caribbean!

Downsize and move out of your home

Whether you rent or you’re an owner, you’ll have to move out of your home before you move to the Caribbean. If you are a renter, you might not be able to get out of your lease right away. On the other hand, if you’re a house owner, you’re in a much better position, finances-wise. You can sell your home and use that money to get started on the island, or you can rent out your home and use the income to finance yourself through the year.

However, before you move out of your house, make sure to downsize. You can organize a yard sale and put the money you earn in your savings account. In addition, it’s always a good idea to recycle and donate some items you don’t use. Downsizing is a great way to simplify both packing and relocation, especially if you’re moving with family.

Hire a trustworthy moving crew and buy a one-way ticket

Moving to the Caribbean won’t be an easy task. In other words, you’ll have to prepare for international relocation. So, to get ready for this life-changing event, hire a reliable and trustworthy moving crew that will help you relocate stress and trouble-free. Make sure to take your time with this process and not rush it. Otherwise, you’ll have more issues than Vogue. Organize the relocation from A to Z and double-check everything. Once you make sure everything is a-okay, buy a one-way ticket and prepare for the change of your life!

After you quit your job and move to the Caribbean

The real excitement starts when you actually get to the Caribbean. The island life will suddenly become your lifestyle and not just a week-long vacation. To be completely honest, it’s not going to be easy to start over here and build a life, so here are a few tips for how to make it work.

Find a place to live

The first thing you’ll want to do when you come to the Caribbean is find a place to live. You might think it’s better to find a home before you actually move, but it’s not that simple. In the Caribbean, seldom will anyone rent a home without meeting you first. Everybody here wants to get a feel for their next tenant(s). So, if you’re looking for a rental, you’ll have to move there and then start looking for your home.

Furthermore, if you have savings and you want to use them to buy a house in the Caribbean, you’ll have to decide which island you want to live on. The housing markets vary from island to island, so it depends on the place you want to live in. So, think carefully and invest smartly

Get to work 

Finding a job in the Caribbean is completely different from finding a job in the States. Most locals own and operate their own businesses, which can be a great inspiration and motivation for you to start your own. You can open a fresh fruit shop, a smoothie stand, a beach bar, etc. You can even just continue doing what you did before moving to the Caribbean. Just tone it down and tailor it to island life. 

On the other hand, you can always find a job in one of the local shops or businesses. Meet the entrepreneurs on your islands and see which one is willing to employ you. Don’t be surprised by the low salary here. In fact, the cost of living in the Caribbean is dramatically lower than the one you had in the States. Therefore, you won’t need as much money and working hours. The pace of life is much slower here. 

Oh, and don’t be surprised that you can’t find a job online. In the Caribbean, things function a little differently. You’ll have to find a newsstand and search for jobs there. In addition, meeting business owners is also an excellent way to introduce yourself and find a job.

Think about your transportation options 

Once you quit your job and move to the Caribbean, everything will change, even the ways of transportation. If you live on a bigger island, you’ll get by easily and without problems. There is working public transportation (buses) in the Caribbean that serves its residents properly. Many residents have their own boats so they can move in between the islands. Boats are actually one of the primary means of transport on the islands. 

On the other hand, if you live on one of the smaller islands, you’ll probably have to get a car because you’d be living far away from everything. Even though public transportation is available, the weather in the Caribbean can be tricky, so you’ll get tired of buses pretty soon. That’s why buying a car is a great solution. So, get a ‘car jar’ and start saving money.

Meet the locals 

One of the most important things to do when you quit your job and move to the Caribbean is meeting the locals and immersing yourself in their culture and lifestyle. Since the Caribbean is a tourist destination, you’ll meet many people who come and go. Therefore, it may seem hard to build a friendship with someone on your island, but don’t worry. Every beginning is hard, but it’s only a beginning.

Try and volunteer for the local community and participate in many island activities such as stand-up paddleboard races. Distance swims with sea turtles or dolphins are also a thing in the Caribbean, so make sure to try it out. In addition, join a yoga, cooking, or dancing class. That’s a great way to meet both locals and tourists. Soon, you’ll be surrounded by a few friends and a whole island of friendly acquaintances. Is there anything better than that?

Final thoughts

Even though your life will change once you quit your job and move to the Caribbean, this might be one of the best decisions you have ever made. It may sound scary and impossible to make it work, but once you get there, everything will settle down. You’ll find a place to live and a job, meet new friends, and simply enjoy the island life without worrying about the outside world. It’s absolutely possible to set your roots here, don’t let anyone fool you. And once you do, you’ll be thankful for being brave and moving here for the rest of your life.

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