April 10, 2021

Moving with family: what are the challenges?

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Moving can be challenging, let alone relocating your entire family to a totally new environment. The stress of providing the best for your family can surround you with a cloud of confusion. As far as a moving company is concerned, you can find with imoving.com the best of the movers to handle your move. But, the major concern is handling your family and their peace before, during and after the relocation. Luckily, this article is just the place to get your mind going. Here is a list of things that you must be mindful of before you think of moving out.

A safe neighbourhood:

One of the major factors to contemplate before moving somewhere new would probably be the ambience of the place. Make sure to take into consideration the type of area and people who will be surrounding you and your family. Always run a background check on your new neighbourhood and only relocate in the area if it is child friendly, free of any societal dangers like drug dealers, mafia gangs, abusive people, paedophiles etc. 

Enough space: 

The size of your home should be able to meet the requirements of your growing or shrinking family in the long run. Try to fit all the needs of your family within your budget, and if that doesn’t seem like an option then you can a compromise a little here and there. You can utilize google to find an estimated average square-foot area of space required for a given number of family members.

Educational Opportunities: 

If you are moving along with your children then this is a crucial step. Education is one of the most important things in life for both yourself and your children. Does the new place have your child’s preferred area of studies? Is the education quality good enough? Take the time to research local school districts and higher education institutes before deciding where you want to live. As education is the foundation of a child’s future development both cognitive and social.

Kid’s social relationships: 

A relocation can be great for your career, but your kids don’t see it that way. Most children get emotionally and mentally attached to where they live and moving seems like their little world is falling apart. A lot of them face depression, insomnia, anxiety, loneliness, self-isolation and it has been found through surveys that they’re academic performance deteriorates rapidly. They can feel like they are being uprooted against their will and have no control over the situation.

 Kids will be focused on the friends and social experiences they are losing, which is partly how they are creating an identity for themselves. Let your kids know that you understand the move will affect their friendships and extracurricular activities, and that it is something you have considered. 

It’s important that they know they aren’t being overlooked and the things they care about do have value in the decision. After you have completed the move make sure to interact with your kids and reassure them so that they don’t get detached.

Connection to the world: 

Even if you strive for some peace and calm, your new home shouldn’t be completely isolated from the outside world. The area must be within a 15 minute drive to the nearest hospital, supermarket, fast food restaurants, school, office, playgrounds etc. In case of any emergencies, there must be a kind of public transit nearby like the bus, tram or metro. 

Recreational opportunities:

After you’ve settled in, plan a fun weekend that includes exploring the newly found area, in that way you can get a sense of relaxation and thrill while getting to know the place better. It can range from a simple walk to an elaborate weekend getaway as long as you get to connect and have fun with your family. 

It is important to search for a place that has adequate fun activities, since these have been scientifically proven to boost serotonin levels, increase creativity and help get rid of all negative thoughts in a person.

Weather conditions: 

This factor isn’t as important as others but if possible should be thought about. Suppose you used to live someplace with a moderate temperature before, and then you decided to move to an extremely cold part of the world year round, it can be the reason for bad health problems since you and your family won’t be easily able to adapt immediately.  

Pet friendly environment: 

If you are a pet parent then find an appropriate place that would cater to their basic well-being counts as a necessity. The new location must have enough space for the pet to move around and not feel trapped. Checking if your neighbours dislike your pets should be helpful in controlling their behaviour. The area must be equipped with dog parks, pet stores and vets.

Every family is different and so are their needs, these are a few basic things to keep in mind. However, you must also try to think about your personal needs.  Be open to discussion with other members before you relocate so that you are able to make the best decision for yourself and your entire family.

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