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Public utility building under construction collapses in Mexico City, scores Injured

building_collapse_mexico_cityJanuary 4, 2014 From Hispanically Speaking News

Photo: Building collapse in Mexico

At least one worker died Saturday and 17 more were injured when a building under construction collapsed in the Mexican capital, officials said.

The accident occurred on a corner of the Del Valle suburb where a substation of the Federal Electricity Commision was being built.

The fatality was identified as Jose Trinidad Santiago, 23, according to a communique from the Federal District’s Public Safety Secretariat.

Eight of the injured were taken to hospitals in the capital, while the rest were treated for less serious injuries at the site of the collapse, the official note said.

The communique said that since the structure “could not support the weight” of a surface measuring some 100 square meters (1,100 square feet), “it came down,” which caused several of the 75 workers on the construction site to be buried under the rubble.

Previous reports raised the number of injured to 20, but the figure was updated by the Public Safety Secretariat of the Mexican capital.

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