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Police Stay Alive Campaign Ends 

The RCIPS festive road safety drive STAY  ALIVE which commenced on the 29th  November   concluded on the 5th  January 2014. A total of 49 persons were arrested.

32 persons were arrested for Driving under the Influence. The other arrests were for various traffic  offences.  In addition  82 persons were ticketed for using a  mobile phone,67 for Speeding,26 for failing to wear seat belts. A total of 212 Traffic Offences were dealt with during the Campaign. There was also 160 Collisions reported to the Police.

NCVO email account hacked

An email sent out from the NCVO saying their Chief Executive Officer Janice Wilson has been mugged whilst on vacation in London and needs US$3,000 to get back home to Cayman is fake.

The email has been traced to originate from India.

New newspaper? Not really – just the name

The Cayman Reporter is out on the streets of the Cayman Islands, will be published weekly and available from outlets free of charge. It has a new look, a new name but it really isn’t new. It is actually a new version of the ‘old’ Cayman Net News. The owner is new – business man Deon Ebanks.

New detention centre for George Town

A new detention centre is to be located near the Fairbanks Women’s Prison in George Town and should be operational in February this year.

The centre will currently occupy 4,250 sq. ft and can be expanded if required.

The centre will have prefabricated buildings housing 24 bedrooms from Eagle Modular part of Eagle Companies from Chillicothe, Il, USA.

The facility is custom designed and is manufactured entirely of heavy structural and die formed steel. It will be able to withstand both the interior abuse of penal detention and the exterior climate demands of 150 mph hurricane forces.

Scotiabank expand Feed A Child Breakfast programme to Sister Islands

Scotiabank has contributed more than $12,000 in cash donations, food, and school supplies to more than a dozen schools in the Cayman Islands.

They extended the Feed a Child Breakfast programme to Cayman Brac last year, where they made donations to the island’s three primary schools, the high school and a child-care facility.

In a statement Scotiabank said:

“We are aware that even though Cayman is a fairly strong economic community, there [are] still needs which exist among certain groups across the society. We believe that as part of the community, we should try to make a difference, not just in our clients’ lives but in our neighborhoods where we live and work.

“Supporting youth and education is one of the best ways to do that, not just here in Grand Cayman but also across the two sister islands.

“Breakfast is a very important meal for the day and it’s crucial in helping children stay focused and learn well. We have seen good results in the schools currently in the programme and we wanted to widen our reach.

“We met with children from grades 1 to 6, and had a great opportunity to get from them exactly how they think we can best help them. It was a heartwarming experience for all of us and made us see how important it was to reach out to our community.”

BVI to establish International Arbitration Centre

The establishment of an International Arbitration Centre (BVI IAC) in the BVI through the recent passing of a new legislation must come hand in hand with proper facilities. This is the view expressed by Hon. Myron Walwyn, Minister for Education and Culture.

During the recent debate of the bill, Minister Walwyn said BVI is coming behind other jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom, hence they must put on a ‘A Game’.

He argued that proper facilities must be in place to hold such arbitration proceedings, proper attitude by immigration and customs and even at the hotels.

“The legal framework is one thing but the facilities I think is also very important and I suggested that perhaps we look at a hotel or something of the sort that would want to expand their property locally and have the facilities available for us to hold the arbitration there, or perhaps have a discussion with the Prospect Reef developers to see if perhaps the facilities can be built into the facility that they are going to put together here for us.”

He added, “…because we put the framework together but we have to ensure it works…airlift is going to be an issue too…The government plans to expand the airport is important…nobody wants to travel 18 hours to come and do no arbitration when they can go somewhere else for four to six hours.”

The bill is designed to remedy the short comings of the present Arbitration Act by developing appropriate legal provisions to take account of modern principles and practice of arbitration. In arbitration persons/businesses can settle their disputes rather than going to the courts.

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