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Police operations hailed a success

A gun and ammunition recovered by police on Friday in George Town

A massive quantity of stolen items, valued at $ 90.000 C.I dollars, three guns and 12 rounds of ammunition have been recovered by the RCIPS in separate operations.

The multiple successes of the RCIPS occurred in separate operations all in less than the space of a week and only eight days after the end of the gun amnesty.

The loot recovered by the police includes television sets, power tools, electricity generators, video games, and various items of jewellery.

The massive confiscation comes on the heels of a stern warning by RCIPS Detective Superintendents, Marlon Bodden and Kurt Walton at a press briefing to mark the end of the gun amnesty.

The detectives warned that they would not relent in their efforts to apprehend criminals and would show no leniency to those unwilling to capitalise on the gun amnesty.

Last Thursday in Prospect the police recovered a .45 caliber pistol and arrested two men, one remains in custody.

On Friday, after 2pm, on Bodden Road in George Town, a quick response by the police lead to the recovery of a 9mm pistol with three live rounds.

On Saturday the police recovered a 9mm semi-automatic pistol with three live rounds, and, in a separate incident, arrested a 32-year-old man for possession of, with intent to supply marijuana.

Mr. Bodden said: “We continue to advise the public to hand over illegal firearms to avoid this trouble.

“We have many strategies in place, and we also carry out vehicle checks, it is not just the vehicle’s coupons that are being examined.

“The road checks do make an impact, and they have been imperative.”

One of the major concerns expressed by Mr Bodden is the large amount of criminals who reoffend after they have been released from custody.

He said: “We always have to be concerned about recidivism and what influences this rate.

“The more someone does something then the more comfortable they become. But we, the police, are looking to see how competent they are. They will make a mistake.”

Detective Superintendents, Marlon Bodden, (left) and Kurt Walton

Mr Bodden added: “Some people use robbery as an opportunity to blame the economy. A lot of it is senseless.”

The senior detectives also revealed that the enormous quantity and value of the loot recovered, forced them to make unusual arrangements for its security and accommodation.

Police also revealed they will be utilising the new mobile x-ray scanning machines that will be installed by Customs next year.

Detective Superintendent Kurt Walton said: “We looked at the mobile x-ray scanner so the police can also use it to x-ray vehicles passing through.

“There will be occasions when the scanners will be used to support police operations.”


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