October 30, 2020

Peer gets Cayman role


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A British Conservative peer has been given the top job in the Cayman Islands London office.

Lord Blencathra, formerly David MacLean before he was appointed to the UK’s House of Lords, has been appointed the director of the UK office.

Premier Bush made the announcement from the UK capital on Monday, having been called there by the OT minister.  “It is vitally important that Cayman has a strong voice in Westminster and Brussels.

“I am delighted that a politician with David’s experience will ensure that our interests are protected at a time when tax neutral jurisdictions such as our own are the subject of such malicious and till-informed attacks.”

Lord Blenchathra will look at developing a more comprehensive understanding with the FCO and other governmental organisations in the UK of the financial management of the Cayman Islands, its economy and its day to day operations.

Lord Blencathra said: “A major part of my work will be to make people in the UK and Europe understand that allowing the Cayman Islands to maintain its leading position in world finance is also vital for the City of London and the whole of the UK economy.

“As the world possibly enters even more difficult financial times then we should all build on our strengths and maintain our family ties with those countries that have always stood by us. On both those counts that means that I will be working for the closest possible relationship and understanding between our two countries.”

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