January 21, 2022

New Casino Regulations in 2021

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Every year, governments of many nations look into their policies to review them and make them better. This review cuts across different areas of the country including entertainment and gaming. They do this to ensure the smooth running in all areas of the country – play Clover Casino.

When it comes to casino gaming, one thing most governments are bothered about is the protection of players. Casino gaming involves the use of money on games. And when it is not controlled, it could have several bad effects.

One of the countries that have very strict regulations on gambling is the UK. Many nations consider the country as an example when making their gambling policies.

Also, the UK houses one of the biggest online casino regulating bodies in the world, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Players from around the world see the commission as reputable and trust casinos that hold their licenses. So, whenever the UK government or the UKGC rolls out a new policy, it most likely affects the way casinos offer their services even to other nations.

Here we have some of the gambling regulations you should expect to see in 2021. Some of them are already active in many nations

Restrictions on bonuses and VIP schemes

One of the ways online casinos attract a lot of players is by offering them lucrative bonuses. This happens especially in nations that allow the advertisement of gambling and casino gaming on media. Therefore, stricter regulations are being made to control how casinos offer bonuses.

This restriction is to control how casinos target players with bigger bankrolls. It will also place a limit on how they can build customer loyalty and the spending limits of players.

Ban on advertisements

While many gambling advertisements clearly state that people below the age of 18 are exempted from their offers, it seems not to beee working. The adverts also expose gambling to children and there have been few cases where underage gamblers have been seen.

Previously, operators were allowed to advertise anyhow they liked in the UK. But in recent years, they’ve been stopped from using images that appeal to children. They were also banned from glorifying gambling or presenting it as a method of getting rick quickly. More regulations concerning this are expected in 2021.

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