January 17, 2022

Why Do I Constantly Lose at Online Slots?

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It is a well-documented fact that gamblers lose more money in slot games than in any other casino game. One of the reasons might be that slots are by far the most popular online gambling medium. But regardless of that fact, it is completely normal to have prolonged losing streaks in slots – read Umbingo review.

But there are things that you can do to improve your chances, to tweak the balance of the game just a little bit towards you. In this article, we are going to talk about probable reasons for which you might be losing in online slots and how you can fix them.

House Edge in Slots

Before going into the main reasons for which you might be losing in slots, you have to consider that slots have a higher house edge than most other casino games. Along with that, slots move really fast, doing a minimum of 500 spins in an hour. So while this fast gameplay leads to constant excitement, it also leads to higher losses and calls for a more cautious strategy.

Probable Reasons for Your Losing in Slots

1.     Ignoring RTP (Return to Players)

Many gamblers tend to ignore RTP, and they end up choosing very low-paying online slots. They pick games based on design, experience, and excitement, and they end up ignoring the most important element of all: money.

So while picking an online slot, you should always choose games that provide you with higher chances to win.

2.     Going Too Fast

As we mentioned before, slots put your money against the house edge more frequently than most other games. So while playing slots, you might consider pursuing a conservative strategy and betting less money when you are doing 500-600 spins an hour.

3.     Comps

Comps are obviously one of the most exciting parts of slots, and you are well justified in planning your strategy so that you get more of these rewards. But a possible mistake that you might be making is that you might be focused on the comps so much that you are neglecting the game itself.

It is statistically proven that if you are playing for comps, theoretically, your losses will be more than possible rewards. So never extend your sessions just to get a free meal or a discount on hotel prices. You will be better served in actually paying for these things.

4.     Slots Trance

The dreaded ‘slots trance’ is actually real and happens to the best of players. You become so addicted to the game that you completely lose track of everything else. Many gamblers have confessed that they have felt being in a trance-like state when playing slots.

If you become the victim of this addiction, then you would have no concern for the money you are betting or the amount of time you are spending on the game. There will also be Losses Disguised as Wins (LDW) that will keep you constantly hooked to the game.

Final Thoughts

There is no one right way to get out of the addiction to playing slots that might be contributing to your high losses. But if you can recognize the addiction you are feeling, that’s a very important first step already.

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