October 24, 2020

Lindsay Japal speaks on being Miss Cayman


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Lindsay Japal has begun her year representing Cayman on a global scale.

And next week she heads to the UK to take part in the prestigious Miss World competition.

Before she flies out to England for the Miss World Pageant she gave iNews an inside view to her experience so far.

Ms. Japal says she decided to take on the challenge of the Miss Cayman pageant because of the encouragement from friends, family members and even committee members.

“It was a combination of things. I had encouragement from family members, friends and even committee members but it’s something you have to decide on for yourself, and I decided this was a great opportunity.”

Her support, she says, was the greatest encouragement from the beginning.

“I guess they all saw that I had the potential to do it which is something. It’s not that I didn’t think I could, but sometimes you need that extra push.”

Lindsay also said that there was never a time that she wanted to give up.

“After deciding I was going to do it because I have that kind of tenacity in me, when things got tough I only pushed harder.”

Lindsay will depart Grand Cayman on 18th October for the Miss World competition and says she has been preparing by having talks with former Miss Cayman, Cristin, and reviewing what she learnt for Miss Cayman.

“Preparations with all the girls will begin when I get to England but for now I’m just trying to work on being able to do everything on my own, ensuring I have everything I need in wardrobe and talking with Cristin for tips and advice and just reiterating everything I learnt from Miss Cayman”.

When Lindsay returns from the UK, she will have a schedule consisting of community appearances and working part-time.

Even if Ms. Japal didn’t take home the crown on that eventful night, she still hoped that her journey through the pageant would give her a great opportunity to grow as a person.

Pageantry is an outlet that Lindsay says she would implore any young woman in our society to take on because it helps.

“I had my reservations but it helps you not only to be confident in yourself but to be passionate about your island, to be proud to be a representative of your country, and your people.

“It helps you to put yourself out there, not only as an individual, but as a strong Caymanian woman and that is a great lesson to be learnt by any woman in this community.”

Ms. Japal says that since she has taken the title of Miss Cayman, she still feels shocked.

“It still hasn’t sunk in all the way for me, even when I’m out and people see me and say “Oh, that’s Miss Cayman” I still giggle and laugh to myself.

“I don’t know when its going to be a reality for me but I’m enjoying it every step of the way.”

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