September 24, 2020

Letter to the Editor


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The Cayman Islands One Man One Vote System will establish Political Geography of Immigration Controls  as a Fast Developing Country

The domestic political sources is perceived and birthed from immigration policies that puts emphasis on the country’s policies in open boarders to fast development and over population. More damaging to a society is a synthetic surge  population by an open door policy for greed dubbed as local development.

It is established worldwide that immigrant communities are geographically concentrated i.e. more populated than that of the grassroots communities.

This causes native hostility, while employers seeking cheap labor and operating under a deregulated system supports rollover removals and a wish list for a diminishing immigration system.

Unscrupulous and dishonest politicians will publicly ignore the voices of the people who elected them to office that continue to be disenfranchised. Moreover those same politicians that  purported to be grassroots lovers, and  immigrant haters  on the political grandstand are now  calling for the removal of  Rollover policies and less immigration control. A policy that was established to protect jobs for the Caymanian people and ensure upward mobility in the workplace. Can you really elect such a leader that has put the bait and switch on you?

These crooked politicians keep hoodwinking  the locals and jump on the bandwagon when it arrives with the sign reading “Remove Rollover Policy”

For  it means to the politician that large immigrant groups can indeed “SWING” a national election from one party to another. The larger the immigrant constituency, the less safe socially and economically,the grassroots people are and the more power or greater is the influence of the immigrant communities in the political arena.

Politicians whether incumbent or aspiring, often maintains a concentration on geographics that provides the context for immigration exploitation very conveniently on a political grandstand during each and every election season.

The true state of the country and its people, ensuring security of job tenure, should be the true concern of every incumbent, and every elected official, not just the implementation a voting system alone of the OMOV  one man one vote.

It may be not as important as the way we think and the horrible mistake we make by electing the wrong people into office every four years without fail.

OMOV One man one vote will not make the plight of the Caymanian people any better, as politicians generally think about themselves and their own interest. The OMOV will make it easier for the most “unqualified” yet the most popular candidates to be elected, based on their popularity in their community! Aka as their electoral boundary.

As the country all too often appear to  being run off scarce resources, the underlying structural conditions, most certainly connects to the local and national political agendas through the dynamics of political parties competing with each other. The socioeconomic effect results in job security for some and a downward spiral way below the poverty line into a pit of devastation for others.

Will OMOV “One Man One Vote really  empower the Caymanian people or is it just a temporary solution to the coat tail after birth?

Should the 100,000 increase in population really take place, will a Caymanian  or grassroots vote really count?

Would you no longer be needed?

Would it make sense to vote as a Caymanian, or will anyone miss your vote? After all Caymanians are only 15,000 to 20,000 strong…

Would it make sense to vote for someone you may never get elected to office because you are faced with 80,000 people who have others desires, agendas and needs?, yes 20 +80 = 100, those are the facts. People do not migrate to other countries just to join work forces, they want to run the country too!

When the demands are made for the constitution to be changed  are you ready for a foreign Premier.

Just because the constitution does not contain the appropriate aspects today does not mean it will not on tomorrow or the near furture

Would it make more sense to pursue a national vote for the legislature, the cabinet and the premier?

Will this be the Part II of the One Man One Vote, if not it makes no sense.

This must be done very quickly, as delay on such serious matters is danger.

A national vote would indeed allow voters to vote for the individual of their choice and not be forced to vote or not vote for candidates that are not qualified to lead at all.

It is possible that the OMOV system can give birth to electing people who may not be qualified to lead at all. Whereas the consensus of the entire population under a National Vote system will ensure that we elect the best and most brilliant minds.

God bless the Cayman Islands

Dr. Florence Goring-Nozza, D.Div.

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