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Painful times ahead

All autocracies and dictatorships have a habit of working from the same play-books and sadly all with the same resultant sad consequence, that is, namely gross poverty for the governed masses. Indeed what would that English philosopher, the father of liberalism John Locke, have to say about such?

A case in point is this that last week, we learned of very poor jobs outcome for the new American regime that is led by the left leaning Joe Biden. This as he follows the play book of his communist advisers, and “the Squad”, a group of six Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi that rich American politician serving as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. We may well ask, what ruin awaits the American people?

It is not hard to predict the eventual outcome for the American Economy and the American people as the governing regime began paying American workers to stay at home under their socialist plans. We only have to look to Europe and the UK for long term guidance on outcome.

In St Vincent and the Grenades, an Island that saw recent Volcanic activities, its autocratic leadership shows us yet another example of the failure in that Marxist ideology on nations as the governing Ralph Gonsalves regime goes begging internationally. Why? Because there were no funds set aside by that country for a rainy day, or shall we say its days of volcanic eruptions. The country have no funds set aside because its inhabitants lacks true liberty and are forever out of gainful work.

 Thomas Paine, that eighteenth century freedom activist, the man credited with inspiring the American Revolution, he would find todays America curiously peculiar as Joe Biden and Harris there, abandons tried and tested capitalism and toys with the ideology of Marxism. The said same ideology that has taken away Cuban and Vincentian people’s individual freedoms. Had taken away freedoms in every nation that dabbled with it, including Mao Zedong’s China and todays Venezuela.

One of the salient fact of life that is most true about us, is that we bring nothing with us into this world and most certainly surely will not be carrying anything out with us either when we leave it, something the good book tends to reminds us of. (The unchallengeable facts of life)

However the one precious individual freedom that we are born with is freedom and this often comes under attack from those in Government, who curtail freedoms and ride roughshod over our God given rights. Thomas Payne’s devastating attacks on tyranny compared well with the epic thrusts of the same by Voltaire and Jonathan Swift. Something the Marxist care little for!

Karl Marks in his ideology, had no such concern for individual freedoms either but rather, had reduced everything to employer-employee relationships, coupled with economic power, and today’s practitioners of his ideology, seeks to keep individuals dependant on government and thus their own political power. Life, Liberty and the Left

As always when absolute autocratic Political power is vested in a regime, the citizenry always have much to fear. Recently in St Vincent and the Grenadines its commissioner of police one Colin John after some local Press reports, and after an appeal from a well-known Lawyer, had this to say (Assistant director of public prosecution, Karim Nelson, and Senator Ashelle Morgan, are “persons of interest” in the investigation)

John Dalberg-Acton 10 January 1834 – 19 June 1902), better known as Lord Acton, once wrote; “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely……” something so many Vincentians are so well acquainted over the last twenty or more years! Looks like the American people like Vincentians are in for much rough rides.

H. James    

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