June 23, 2021

Julia Baranovskaya – biography

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Julia Baranovskaya was born on June 3, 1985 in St. Petersburg. Father – Baranovsky Gennady Ivanovich, engineer. Mother – Tatiana Vladimirovna Brattseva, a teacher at the school. Julia’s parents divorced when the girl was ten years old. After a while, her mother remarried.

After graduating from school, the girl planned to enter the Faculty of Journalism, but on the advice of her relatives, she entered the University of Aerospace Instrumentation at the Faculty of Management.

In 2003, Julia began to live in a civil marriage with the footballer of the Zenit club Andrei Arshavin, whom she met while walking along the St. Petersburg embankment. In 2005, their son Artem was born, and the girl was forced to leave her studies at the university. Three years later, in 2008, Baranovskaya gave birth to a daughter, Yana.

In 2009, the Arshavin family moved to London, where Andrei began to play for the Arsenal club. However, a few years later Andrei’s career in the English club began to fade and the Gunners’ coach Arsene Wenger decided to return the midfielder to his homeland – on loan to Zenit.

Returning to his homeland, Andrei told his wife, who was expecting a third child and stayed in London for a while with two children that their marriage was over. The couple’s third son, Arseny, was born on August 14, 2012, after Arshavin left his pregnant wife.

“I have lived absolutely happy 9 years. No fear, no postponement for a rainy day. She gave birth to three children without being officially married, without having anything written down to herself – am I completely crazy? Falling from the moon? I was fully confident that it was forever. I had no idea that this could happen, ”said Yulia Baranovskaya.

A year later, Baranovskaya filed for alimony. The first attempt to negotiate in a London court, where the couple lived for several years, was unsuccessful. But the court of St. Petersburg managed to put the final point in this difficult story.

In July 2014, after long negotiations, Arshavin and Baranovskaya signed an amicable agreement, according to which the footballer gave his ex-wife a three-room apartment in St. Petersburg, a car and already pays her and the children half of his monthly income. According to media reports, Arshavin’s annual salary at Zenit at that time was 2.5 million euros.

After the breakup, the girl, who permanently lives with children in London, got a job on Russian television – she became a consultant for the “Bachelor” show on the TNT channel.

YuliaBaranovskaya: “By the way, the guys swim very well. Indeed, in London, where they live, Artem and Yana regularly train in the pool. Son even plays for the school’s national team. But he also has “unsportsmanlike” hobbies: with great pleasure Artem goes to the theater studio, plays the piano and flute. True, this summer he unexpectedly asked to write him down for football. ”The
quote is taken from the magazine “

Since May 2014, Baranovskaya has been one of the presenters of the“ Girls ”program on the Russia 1 channel. Julia also hosts the show “Reload” on the TNT channel.

YuliaBaranovskaya: “But now I have to work in the frame every day, I decided to find an apartment. A great option was found quickly. The new studio “Devchat” is a designer apartment with a spacious kitchen. I’m looking forward to the broadcast to start settling in a new apartment in Moscow! “
The quote is taken from the magazine “
Larry FitzGerald Girlfriend

In March 2020, it became known that Andrei Arshavin no longer wants to pay alimony for children from YuliaBaranovskaya in the amount in which he did it before. The former footballer now receives a much more modest salary. First, through the courts, he reduced the amount of payments from a total of five million rubles to 300 thousand for each child. And now he again asks to reconsider alimony: he does not have enough money. The athlete has already filed a lawsuit in one of the courts of St. Petersburg and intends to achieve victory.

A family

Spouse – AndreyArshavin, football player (civil marriage from 2003 to 2013)
Son – Artem (born December 7, 2005)
Daughter – Yana (born April 3, 2008)
Son – Arseny (born August 14, 2012)

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