September 24, 2020

Letter to Editor: from Big Beard, (not verified)


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Thank God someone has it right with these figures. I’m certain you are duly qualified to explain this financial saga to us. Hope everyone finally gets it.

N2Cay, not so fast, this is just a warm up, one year to go, don’t be too sure that the PPM will be back in office next year, at all. The fat lady must sing, this has not happened, but it will!.

People are being misled, and deceived by the thumbs up and down in the online polls and it is very unfair and misleading to readers as other experts have pointed out. The UDP does not have a media forum manipulating the votes but like the strong men they are; are taking the rigged punches as they come. They indeed have a huge following despite opposition efforts to smear and discredit them. It will be a surprise and a wakeup call when all the thumbs up in the manipulated polls by the Opposition appear as” rigged “ on judgment day. The end result will have translated those thumbs up votes to a thumbs down loss for the PPM in May 2013.

Computer Scientists and engineers say that “ THERE IS NO TRUE VOTING UP OR DOWN BUTTON ON the Internet!   And that there is always tampering for political reasons. For politicians on news media and other social websites that is now an absolute truth. Some nonprofits are now using a nifty tool to capture not so positive or regrettable comments on internet.

So don’t be deceived by the number of votes for or against a post designed to urge people to like or dislike an individual, it just does not work. The same popular status held by a luminary writer 5 years ago still stands.  It is the powerful influence of such writers that pushes dishonest forum moderators to try to smear them or manipulate or rigging the voting buttons in a forum. They feel such persons are able to swing voters in one of two directions!  The person is a threat to their agenda!

What you see is not what you get.  The article or writer  itself is already  popular working their way to the top of the search engines.

To tamper with the voting button just to make a political party look good is absolutely futile and ingenuous.

There was only one newspaper operating in the Cayman Islands that held a true and authentic system of thumbs up or down button voting and that was

The numbers speak for themselves.  There is gross manipulation of the voting button for political reasons.

It’s called rigged, or political interference.

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