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Joan Wilson: “A bush fowl’s view”

By Joan Wilson, Publisher,

Thing’s have really changed a lot in George Town
Just see for yourself – have a look around.
Homes and gardens that were full of children playing
Have all been torn down for commercial building.

And I’m very saddened because, you see
As chickens this was all our territory!`,
Worms and grubs and bits and pieces
Were tastier around here than in other places.

We were used to roaming- you could call us free range.
We weren’t used to being fenced in or crammed in a cage.
And, as cock of the roost, I crowed day and night!
But, with all this development we’re pushed out of sight.

I still strut around with my Rhode Island Reds
And we scrabble for food in the landscaped flower beds.
We really don’t care how much damage is done
As long as me and my ‘chicks’ can peck and have fun.

So, we’ll take a chance whilst strutting around
For me and my ‘chicks’ really love our George Town.
So, watch out for me when you drive around those bends…
I’ll be somewhere near with my lady friends…..


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