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Jetpacking is unique to the Caymans

lrg_1684_CoverShotJetpacking along Seven Mile Beach is the ultimate in water sports adventure on Grand Cayman. It provides everyone with the opportunity to fly a recreational Jetpack.

Flying a Jetpack is like nothing you have ever experienced! Once you start to lift out of the water it is like nothing you have ever experienced – the ability to fly without wings.lrg_801748_Goingright-Better

What better way to see the island than from the air, over the water, attached to a jet pack. Vacations are all about the stories, memories and experiences you make and this is one experience that you will remember for years to come and everyone will want to hear about.

Great for families with older teens or the person who has tried everything else and is looking for their next adventure. The calm crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea makes for an ideal location to experience flying without wings. Like nothing you have ever experienced.

lrg_137344_Handsfree-CroppedThis activity is currently offered exclusively on Grand Cayman.

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Jetpack Cayman is the ultimate in water sports adventure on Grand Cayman providing everyone with the experience of flying the world’s first recreational Jetpack. Flying a Jetpack is like nothing you have ever experienced! As soon as sufficient lift is applied, you and the Jetpack become weightless and levitate in the air. The three dimensional freedom of movement is absolutely amazing!lrg_151991_CoupleThatgoyengagedonourboatafterflying.12.23.12


During your flight you will have both a Certified Flight Instructor and a Flight Navigator focused solely on your successful Jetpack experience. In addition, prior to your flight, your Flight Attendant will provide comprehensive Jetpack instruction and a safety check.

No experience is necessary and all first time flyers receive one-on-one coaching via the safety helmet speaker. Most first time flyers power up and out of the water in just minutes and are guaranteed to fly or receive a full refund.

lrg_481795_GirlFlyingReview: “Worth every penny!!!!!!!”

“Had a free morning with nothing to do, saw Jetpack Cayman off of 7 mile beach, and knew i must do it (under a certain price limit obviously). I called them up, figured the prices out, and booked my jetpack experience later that morning. I showed up to the beach bar where i met up with the crew, we jetskied out to their pontoon, and that’s where I saw the beast! Chris gave me a short instruction on the basics (before getting strapped in), then went into a further, more hands on explanation of the craft. I have never once flown a jet pack, but Chris and his team of three, were able to get me up out of the water, and actually able to do multiple submarine moves at a time. Jetpack Cayman’s whole approach is to get whoever wants to, airbourne! They are very helpful and knowledgeable about their service, and are willing to walk through anything with you. They are not out there just for the money… They really strive for you to have the most fun for your buck!”

Visited June 2013

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