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CANCELLED: Immigration Closure Tuesday September 20th, 2016

The planned closure for Tuesday, September 20th , 2016 at the Department of Immigration public counters has been postponed. Consequently, all public counters will be open for business as normal.
Immigration officials apologise for any inconvenience resulting from this postponement.

The Grand Cayman chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International is having its monthly breakfast on Saturday September 24th at 7:30am, at Lola’s ( formerly The Upper Crust) restaurant in Camana Bay. We will have open sharing.

Come out to hear the how God is making a difference in the life of men like you, right here in Cayman.


Meals on Wheels 5K Run/ Walk

Meals on Wheels is holding its first 5K Run/ Walk on November 26th and we are calling it a Turkey Trot.


Rent to own solar?

solar-panels-943999_1920-820x400From The Carbon Wars

A Canadian entrepreneur and his company made an innovative yet less expensive solar power system that might be an answer to free electricity. In some places in India, entrepreneur Paul Needham’s “rent-to-own solar” from Simpa Networks are already being used, and so far, with good results.

According to Smithsonian, Needham’s version of solar power system composes of a 40 watt solar panel, a 26 amp-hour battery, two LED lights, a 15-watt outlet for appliances and two ports to charge or power two LED lights.

All of these will be operated using direct current (DC). A meter, which looks like a car battery, has an e-ink readout that illustrates the remaining balance or days left for the power to work. It also has special LED tube lights that’s the same size of a freestanding electric fan as well as a card table-sized blue rooftop panel that is positioned toward the sun.

The entire system costs $270 and can be bought one time. However, some customers prefer to do a “pay-as-you-go” contract, where they pay small payments over two to three years, with the end result of them owning the equipment. According to Needham, there are about 20 percent who buys the system outright after six months and it seems like everyone is attracted to the idea that their payments will eventually lead to purchase.

According to a case study conducted by Simpa, there are over 1 billion people worldwide that lack access to electricity. And it’s possible that even a billion more has undependable connections, getting only four to 12 hours of power per day but spending 20 percent or more of their incomes to meet this need.

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Royal Caribbean removes Dynamic Dining from ships

By Andy Hodges From Cruisers Choice

Royal Caribbean International will soon retire its Dynamic Dining options at sea after experimenting with multiple menu changes. It was a concept that debuted on the Quantum of the Seas that split the main dining room into three or four themed restaurants with separate menus.

Dynamic Dining on Anthem of the Seas will change on Nov. 27, offering the same menu in all four of its restaurants. The menu will still change each night.

Two of the restaurants, The American Icon and Silk restaurants will be available for My Time Dining guests. The Grande and Chic will operate like traditional main dining rooms.

Oasis of the Seas split its entire dining room into three new restaurants, but the Dynamic Dining program never launched.

The Dynamic Dining reviews have been mixed, but only a few people enjoyed the choice of different menus. Some guests found the experiment a bit too complicated, and it prompted more confusion among passengers.

Most Royal Caribbean guests prefer one or two different dining room times. It proves that the simple concept worked fine.

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Household internet connections double in Latin America & Caribbean

By Narayan Ammachchi From Nearshore Americas

The number of households connected to the Internet grew at an annual average of 14.1% during the last five years.

Nearly 45% of households in Latin America and the Caribbean were connected to the Internet in 2015, almost double the amount seen in 2010.

The percentage of Internet users in the region grew 10.6% per year between 2000 and 2015, according to a report by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

Interestingly, the number of households connected to the Internet grew at an annual average of 14.1% in the last five years.

Access to mobile broadband connections increased sharply, surging from 7% to 58% of the region’s population between 2010 and 2015. At 95.5%, Costa Rica had the greatest penetration of mobile broadband.

“There is a great difference in access levels between the countries of the region: of the 24 countries analyzed in 2015, three had household Internet penetration that was below 15%; 15 were between 15% and 45%; another three were between 45% and 56%; and only Chile, Costa Rica and Uruguay reached 60%,” says the report.

Service costs are also falling rapidly. In 2010, a fixed broadband service of 1Mbps cost around 18% of the average monthly income. By early 2016, that figure fell to 2%.

Affordability also increased for prepaid data packages. In several countries, 30-day packages cost less than 2% of average household income, the report highlights.

Despite this progress, there are still problems with quality (connection speeds) and the equitableness of access to the Internet (differences according to geographic location and the population’s socioeconomic situation), according to the document.

No country in the region has at least 5% of its connections with speeds of more than 15Mbps, while in advanced countries this percentage is 50%. In other words, a vast part of rural Latin America is yet to have access to high-speed networks.

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Hydrogen from pond scum?

river-algae-242169_1920-820x400From The Carbon Wars

You could be growing your own car fuel in some scummy green tank in your living room one day, with or without engineered fluorescent fish inside. No, you wouldn’t be gassing the car or powering the house with fish pee, but with hydrogen produced by engineered algae.

Hydrogen is widely touted as the fuel of the future and now Tel Aviv University scientists have made two crucial discoveries. One is how algae produce it. The other is how to make them produce more of it, so hydrogen can be mass-produced, cheaply, and used not only in public transportation but industry.

“For the last 12,000 years we have been using agriculture to make food, but when it comes to energy, we are still hunter gatherers. Agriculture for energy is the next revolution,” research leader Assistant Prof. Iftach Yacoby, head of the renewable energy laboratory at Tel Aviv University, tells Haaretz. “There are other ways to produce hydrogen, but this is the greenest, and is the only agricultural one.”

In two separate papers published in the international science press, the TAU team describes the discovery that algae produce hydrogen from photosynthesis, not in a microburst at dawn, as assumed until now, but all the time. Secondly and crucially, they have engineered a way to boost production nearly fivefold by genetic engineering.

Photosynthesis is a biochemical process by which competent plants, algae and bacteria convert light energy into chemical energy. Generally speaking, photoautotrophs start from carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H20) that they first split into the composite atoms, carbon, oxygen and protons, using sunlight energy, then “cook” to make glucose sugar (‎C6H12O6).

Growing biofuel is not new, but the production of hydrogen is. Biofuels are hardly the great white hope either. For one thing, when they’re burned (i.e., used,) we get carbon emissions. With hydrogen, the only emission is water vapor.

What about cost? The scientists have done the math and, says Yacoby, the production costs should be less than $4 per kilo of hydrogen, which, mileage-wise, is roughly equivalent to 10 liters of gasoline. National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado thinks hydrogen can be made using the algae method for around $3 per kilo.

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QU Women’s Golf Completes First Round of Towson Tignanelli Invitational In 7th Place [Emily Ribbins (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 54th]

From Quinnipiac Bobcats

PHOENIX, Maryland – The Quinnipiac University women’s golf team completed the first round of the Towson Tignanelli Invitational in seventh place out of 13 teams. Quinnipiac sophomore Luciana Tobia-Palza (La Paz, Bolivia) and freshman Alexandra Sazhin (New Fairfield, Connecticut) both finished tied for 19 th out of 71 golfers.

Towson led the field with a 295 (+7) followed by Lehigh (300, +12), Lamar (306, +18), Bethune-Cookman (309, +21), Navy (310, +22) and Longwood (315, +27). The Bobcats slid into seventh place, followed by Central Connecticut State (320, +32), Saint Francis (Pa.) and Monmouth (322, +34), Fairfield (327, +29), Hampton (349, +61) and Delaware State (358, +70).

Tobia-Palza was +5 through the first nine holes at Eagles Nest Country Club, opening with a bogey before producing a birdie on hole No. 3 that was sandwiched by pars on holes No. 2 and 4. She followed with bogeys on holes No. 5-8, and would start the back nine with bogeys on holes No. 10 and 11. From there, Tobia-Palza was lights-out, birdying the Par 5 No. 12 before rolling to six-straight pars to finish at +1 on the back nine.

Sazhin got out to a hot start with pars on holes No. 1 through 6, and also No. 9, but bogeys on holes No. 7 and 8 put her at +2 through the first nine holes of the day. After making the turn, a birdie on hole No. 11 highlighted a seven-hole run in which she shot par or better. She finished with a double-bogey on hole No. 18 to shoot a +3 on the back nine and a +7 for the day.

Julia Kemmling (Berlin, Connecticut) finished tied for 34th with an 81 (+9) while Abby Chase (Beaver Dam, Wisconsin) finished tied for 41st with an 82 (+10). Nicole Scola (Westerly, Rhode Island) finished in 63rd place after shooting an 88 (+16) and Emily Ribbins (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands) – playing as an individual – finished tied for 54th with an 84 (+12).

The Bobcats will play the final 18 holes of the Towson Tignanelli Invitational on Monday, Sept. 19.

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Cayman Islands Triathlon Association 2016 Duathlon Results


Cayman Islands Lion’s – Cycle For Sight

Cayman Islands Cycling Association

Sunday 26th Feb 2017 6:00AM – 9:00AM

Event Description:

Lion’s Cycle For Sight – Change the way we see the world Start: East End Public Beach | Finish: Lions Community Center – 24 Miles


Cayman Islands National Heroes Day tourism nominations needed

Leaders from the Ministries of Culture and Tourism officially launched the nomination period for pioneering and long service individuals to be recognise at the National Heroes Day 2017 during a press conference on Wednesday (31 August 2016).

Next year’s annual event, on 23 January 2017, will pay tribute to pioneers in tourism and honour individuals who have made significant contributions to the past and on-going development of tourism in the Cayman Islands.

The nomination period begins 1 September 2016 and will run until the end of the month.

Urging individuals to take advantage of this opportunity, Deputy Premier and Minister for Tourism, Hon. Moses Kirkconnell said, “over the next 30 days I strongly encourage everyone to get involved with this process, and fill out a nomination form for someone you think is worthy of this recognition.”

Ministerial Councillor for Culture Roy McTaggart, speaking on behalf of the Premier and Minister for Culture Hon. Alden McLaughlin at the press conference, said: “We are proud to recognise those who have given themselves to make the Cayman Islands a better place, not only for those who call this country home, but for the people who come to enjoy our piece of paradise, and arrive and depart feeling and knowing the true meaning of Caymankind.”

During the press conference Councillor McTaggart also announced new details regarding the nomination categories.

“The recipients of the ‘Emerging Pioneer’ category will now receive a commemorative insignia along with their certificates at the ceremony next January,” he explained. “This is a special memento that has previously only been given to the ‘Early Pioneer’ and ‘Pioneer’ categories.”

Chief Officer for the Ministry of Culture Jennifer Ahearn added that the National Heroes Day Committee has decided to increase the quota for all three “Pioneer” categories to 75 honourees total.

The National Heroes Day Committee will accept nomination forms throughout September, and aims to recognise deserving individuals who have made significant contributions to the tourism sector throughout the Cayman Islands. Nominations can be made in five different categories: Early Pioneer, Pioneer, Emerging Pioneer, Memorial Scroll and Long Service Award.

Nomination forms for the 2017 National Heroes Day awards are available at the reception desk of the Government Administration Building and also online at Completed nomination forms or inquires can be sent to [email protected].

“I look forward to another successful nomination period as we prepare to honour the achievements, traditions and people of the Cayman Islands,” Councillor McTaggart added. “Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this historic event. Nominate that person who you believe has truly made a difference, so they can get the credit they so rightfully deserve.”

The committee has chosen to define tourism as:

“Tourism is travel for holiday, leisure and recreation, business, health, education, sports and other purposes. Tourism services and products include the business of attracting, accommodating, transporting, entertaining and operating tours for visitors with the support of allied services. Tourism may be international or domestic.”



Cayman Drama Society

2016 is proving to be amazing around the Prospect Playhouse! We have been busy renovating the auditorium this summer and getting ready for a smashing end to 2016!

And Yes! Its election season and what greater way to lighten the mood than coming to see the very funny, Yes Minister!

September 15,16,17,22,23,24,29,30, October 1

Yes Minister is a satirical look at the early career of Jim Hacker MP; a newly appointed cabinet minister in the fictional Department of Administrative Affairs at Whitehall. Hacker goes through various struggles to formulate and enact legislation or effect departmental changes that are continually opposed by the British Civil Service in particular his Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby. His Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley, is usually caught between the two. The British comedy, written by Sir Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, was fist broadcast by BBC Television in the 1980s has now been adapted to the Cayman stage by Chuck and Barrie Quappe. As the Cayman Parliamentary system is based on Whitehall, any of the situations will be undeniably familiar to all that live in Cayman!




Cayman Islands Pirates Week calls for food vendors

The Pirates Week Festival Office is inviting participants for the annual Food Festival to submit their vendor applications for the below dates/times:


Friday 11th November George Town 6:00pm to 2:00am
Saturday 12th November George Town 1:00pm to midnight
Saturday 19th November George Town 2:00pm to midnight

Vendor applications must be submitted beginning on Monday 1st August, 2016 to the Pirates Week Office on Shedden Road, George Town (upstairs next to KFC). Vendor space is limited therefore applications must be submitted as soon as possible after the opening date above. Deadline for submission is Monday 31st October.

 All vendors must comply with the rules and regulations set by the Pirates Week Festival Office and must present a valid Food Handling Certificate for all persons handing food by the 31st October. Food handling certificates can be obtained from the Department of Environmental Health by contacting Mr. Gideon Simms on 949-6696 or email [email protected] .

 For application forms and more details please contact the Pirates Week Festival Office at 949-5078 or [email protected].





Moving Into Management

The Chamber of Commerce presents Moving Into Management on Tuesday (20 Sept) from 9 — 430pm at Governor’s Square. Log on to for more.

Immigration Closes Early Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

The Department of Immigration public counters in the following sections will close at 12 noon on Tuesday, 20th September 2016, to facilitate staff training:

* HQ main public counter

* Visa

* Enforcement

* Passport and Corporate Services.

All the other sections will operate as usual.

Normal office hours will resume on Wednesday, 21st September 2016. The extended services at the main reception counter will be operational until the usual 7:00pm on Wednesday.

Immigration officials apologise for any inconvenience resulting from this closure.

Seafarers Social Gathering 20 Sept 2016

 “Cayman Islands Seafarers Association wishes to remind their members of the social on 20 September 2016 at 7:00PM. at the Seafarer’s Hall. 11 Victory Ave. Prospect. Entertainment will be provided. All members are requested to pick up their raffle books for sale. 2017 Calendars will be available for $8 each.”

Must-attend patent event of the year

Immigration Closures

The Department of Immigration public counters in the following sections will close at 12 noon on Tuesday 20th September: HQ main public counter, Visa, Enforcement, Passport and Corporate Services.

All other sections are open as usual. Normal office hours resume on Wednesday, 21st.



Alzheimer’s and Dementia awareness meeting

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia awareness meeting for George Town takes place on Wednesday (21 Sept) at the Town Hall.

Women Speak It Out

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-3-30-58-pmVenue: Books&Books  Date: September 21st Time: 6:30 pm

This is an event aimed to showcase the talent of poet women of Cayman Islands. It also allows women to express their thoughts, fears, strengths, etc. at the time that offer ways to heal and become stronger through poetry.

Women Speak it out is a different platform for female’s struggle in Cayman and worldwide towards the necessary social change, highlighting newer and more effective thinking and practices compatible with fairness, peace, tolerance and love.

The event will contribute to the celebration of the oncoming Cayman Islands Poetry Festival, scheduled for December 4-10, 2016 which will gather several local and international poets. There are planned poetry recitals (English and Spanish), visits to schools and prisons, readings all around the islands, discussion panels, Youth Poetry Slam, and a multicultural gala.



Pensions Masterclass

The Chamber of Commerce presents a Pensions Masterclass on Thursday (22 Sept) from 9 — 11am at Governor’s Square. Log on to for more.

Cayman Islands Department of Vehicle & Drivers’ Licensing Closed on Sept 22nd

The Department of Vehicle & Drivers’ Licensing would like to inform the public that it will be closed on Thursday, September 22nd, 2016.

Normal hours of operation will resume at both locations on Friday, September 23rd, 2016.

The Crewe Road office (8:30am to 4:00pm), and for the West Bay Office (10:00am to 6:00 pm).

This necessary closure is to facilitate staff training.



Cayman Islands: St Baldrick’s Hannah’s Heroes Shave

The 4th Annual St Baldrick’s Hannah’s Heroes Shave takes place on Friday 23rd September at The Wicket in Cricket Square as we unite to conquer childhood cancer during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

In just three years our community has raised over US $1,000,000 to fund the most promising childhood cancer research. Your efforts have resulted in the funding of two scholar’s grants to support vital research, both named in Hannah’s honour. However, the fight goes on.

There are a number of ways you can show your support and get involved;

Register to shave NOW and start growing your hair! Registering and collecting donations couldn’t be easier but we’re standing by to help you register if you need our help.

If shaving is not for you please consider simply making a donation to support a friend braving the shave. Donate NOW – every dollar pledged makes a difference.

Join us on 23rd September for a fantastic silent auction, prize balloon raffle and delicious food and drinks specials from the Brasserie.

Kids with cancer need your help. The money that YOU help raise will change the lives of all children fighting cancer. Thank you for joining us and St Baldrick’s in the fight to conquer childhood cancers.




Save the date for our 6th Annual “Paws for Wine” Fundraiser!

Sat 24th September 2016

From CARE Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts

Please save the date for our 6th annual “Paws for Wine” event. We are currently seeking corporate sponsorship for this event so we can raise more funds to continue on with our worthy cause. If you would like to help with volunteering or donate auction items we would love to hear from you. [email protected] or 938 2273.

So please pop this date in your diary and join us for an evening filled with fun, laughter, dancing, fabulous food and great wine.



Fitness PaLooza

ADACI will be holding its first Fitness PaLooza during World Alzheimer’s Month on Saturday (24 Sept) from 9am to 12noon at the ARC at Camana Bay.

Fidelity Fun Run Series 3

The Fidelity Fun Run Series – An annual series of 2 mile fun runs held on the first 3 Saturdays in September –wraps up on Saturday (24 Sept) at 7:30am on Walkers Road. Log on to for registration information.

Revival Services

The Church of God at West Bay invites you to Revival Services Monday — Saturday (12 — 24 Sept) at 730pm, nightly. The All Day Meeting is Sunday (18 Sept) with morning worship at 11am, afternoon service at 2 and Evangelistic Service at 5pm. For transportation, call 916.1345.

CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Auto Fair, Saturday, 24th September 2016, 10:am -4:pm, Main Street Branch.

100% Auto Financing

Lower Interest Rates

*Apply on the day of the fair for a chance to win

*conditions apply




25 mile bicycle race

There will be a 25 mile bicycle race on Sunday (25 Sept) starting at the Bodden Town Police Station at 7am. Log on to for registration information.

Cayman First Triathlon Training Series

The Cayman First Triathlon Training Series will continue Sunday (25 Sept) from Public Beach. The session will open at 6am, with the ‘race’ starting at 6.45am. Log on to for registration information.

4th Annual Hope Foundation Walk/Run for Recovery

The 4th Annual Hope Foundation Walk/Run for Recovery is Sunday (25 Sept) at 6am. Log on to for registration information.

19th Annual Fall Praise Gathering

The Church of God Chapel invites you to their 19th Annual Fall Praise Gathering under the theme Let Everything That Has Breath Praise the Lord. The convention takes place at the Church of God Chapel on Walker’s Road with services beginning at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday (25 Sept) and continuing on at 7:30 p.m. nightly through Wednesday (28 Sept). In addition, there will also be a special Youth Rally on Friday (23 Sept) ,at 7:30 p.m., and a free concert at 7:00 pm on Saturday (24 Sept) at the Family Life Center . The guest speaker for the praise gathering is singer/songwriter Dennis Wilson from Tampa, Florida.



Roald Dahl-themed Story times: The BFG

As part of a five week series of Roald Dahl-themed Story times and Saturday morning matinee’s, children are invited to hear The BFG this week on Tuesdays at a11am at Regal Cinema for 4 and under; Thursdays at 3pm at Books and Books for 3 and under and Saturdays at 1030am at Books and Books for ages 2 — 7. The matinee is at 10am at Regal Cinemas on Saturday for $5



How to Run a Successful Business

The Chamber of Commerce presents How to Run a Successful Business on Tuesday (27 Sept) from 230 — 430pm at Governor’s Square. Log on to for more.

John Gray High School Mentor

Be a John Gray High School Mentor for one year and help a year 11 student achieve their potential. Call 328.0300 to sign up.



Building Trust

The Chamber of Commerce presents Building Trust on Wednesday (28 Sept) from 9 — 430pm at Governor’s Square. Log on to for more.



Service Matters

The Chamber of Commerce presents Service Matters on Thursday (29 Sept) from 9 — 430pm at Governor’s Square. Log on to for more.



International College of the Cayman Enrollment

The fall quarter at the International College of the Cayman begins October 3rd. The deadline to register is Sept 30th.  Call 947-1100 or email [email protected] for details.

Lord Transform Me: The Woman in the Mirror Women’s Retreat

The Cayman Islands Conference Women’s Ministries Department is inviting you to attend our “Lord Transform Me: The Woman in the Mirror” Women’s Retreat at the UCCI Hall Friday — Sunday (30 Sept — 1 Oct). Registration is $30 per person. Each registrant will receive breakfast on Sunday morning and a tote bag with memorabilia. Hotel & Sabbath lunch is available at an additional cost. Space is limited, so register early. For more information, contact the Women’s Ministries Leader in any of our churches or call 916 1576.

Basic Grammar and Writing Skills Part 2

The Chamber of Commerce presents Basic Grammar and Writing Skills Part 2 on Friday (30 Sept) from 9 — 430pm at Governor’s Square. Log on to for more.

Ex-Gratia Deadline

The Ministry of Community Affairs reminds all seamen and veterans receiving the ex-gratia benefit to submit this year’s Seamen’s and Veterans Continuation Confirmation Certificates no later than Friday (30 Sept.) For more information call 244-2424.


September Events at Camana Bay

“Did you hear that, Mr Fox!” Bibliophiles are in for a real treat as Camana Bay celebrates Literacy Month in conjunction with Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. Join us for an exciting month of family-friendly events, activities, special offers and community initiatives. Visit for more details on our literacy festivities.

Other events to look forward to include a new type of 5K, which encourages seven different ways to participate in honour of Cayman Rugby 7s. Visitors can also enjoy a free, gentle exercise class with Tai Chi and watch a new ballet performance on the big screen.


Here is a quick look at our special events:

Roald Dahl Story Times (Ages 0-4)

Tuesdays until 27 September


Regal Cinemas

Roald Dahl Story Times (Ages 0-3)

Thursdays until 29 September


Books & Books

Roald Dahl Movies

Saturdays until 1 October


Regal Cinemas

Roald Dahl Story Times (Ages 2-7)

Saturdays until 1 October


Books & Books

Budding Chef Tween Afterschool Programme

Tuesdays; 13 September through 18 October


Bon Vivant


Wednesday 21 September


Books & Books

Budding Chef Cooking Class: Giant Peach Pie

Saturday 24 September


Bon Vivant

Marvellous Mixology Class

Thursday 29 September


Bon Vivant



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