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Cayman Islands receives first water education programme

jacps-cwc-edu-progCayman Water Company (CWC) recently launched an education programme, the first of its kind on the Island, to educate young children about their tap water and the desalination process. The presentations, given by Ms. Karlene Singh, Business Development — Project Engineer at schools within CWC service areas were so well-received by both students and teachers alike that the Company is looking forward to continuing with the programme in George Town and the Eastern Districts this September.
The presentation touched on topics such as the historical means of obtaining drinking water here in the Cayman Islands, a step-by-step description of the desalination process, reverse osmosis, and water conservation. A visual presentation of how osmosis takes place in gummy bears immersed in water was given to prepare the students for a talk on reverse osmosis, the process used on the island to remove salt from seawater. Each student attendee received a giveaway bag with goodies including a pack of gummy bears with which they were encouraged to perform their own osmosis experiments. Each school was given a poster of the desalination process.
Mr. Gregory S. McTaggart, Vice President (Cayman) Operations for Consolidated Water said, “Water can be a pretty dry subject for kids, but Cayman is quite special in where it gets its drinking water and we thought it was important for kids to know that. Karlene has put together an interesting, fun and tasty lesson to engage the kids, which we hope they will carry with them for a long time to come and perhaps inspire them to learn more.”
To date, presentations were done within Cayman Water’s service areas for grades five and six students of Cayman International School, John A. Cumber Primary School, Grace Christian Academy, and Wesleyan Christian Academy.
In the Photo: John A. Cumber Primary School students and Ms. Karlene Singh, after a fun and interesting presentation on desalination.


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