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Indian sunrise

from Trey Ratcliff at
from Trey Ratcliff at

A beautiful sunrise on the southern tip of India

By Trey Ratcliff From Stuck In Customs

I look like I may be alone here, but I assure you I was not. There were literally thousands of Indians that were there with me watching the sunrise. It was crazy! This is a famous pilgrimage location for all Indians, to come here and watch the sunrise. I was amazed how many people there were when the sun finally came up. We had all gotten there in the dark of night so it was hard to tell how many people were around us.

There was one scary point when we lost Scarlett in a crowd of Indians… then her little white body magically appeared about a minute later! I was not worried… Tina was MORE than a bit worried! 🙂

A Beautiful Sunrise On The Southern Tip Of India

Photo Information
Date Taken2016-01-09 02:22:20
Camera Make Hasselblad
Exposure Time1/125
Focal Length55.0 mm
Exposure Program Manual
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