May 8, 2021

Immigration policy supports property investors in Cayman Islands

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premierAt the State of the Nation luncheon on 9th October 2014, Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin confirmed that a new immigration policy directive has been approved by Cabinet.   Councillor Joey Hew confirmed this week that this new directive is in the process of being Gazetted by the Government. This will be particularly pertinent to ex-pat property owners and investors, enabling them to enter and remain in the Cayman Islands for extended periods, up to 6 months, without the need to renew their visit visas throughout their stay.

As these investors are not employed in Cayman, but own properties on island, they inject money into the Cayman economy in terms of real estate ownership, shopping purchases, eating out at restaurants and hiring persons to care for their properties.

The developers of Ironwood fully endorse this immigration directive. Many of the purchasers at the Ironwood development will be retirees or investors who do not work but wish to spend time enjoying their properties and the relaxed, sunshine lifestyle which Ironwood and Cayman will readily provide.

Denise Gower, spokesperson for Ironwood, commented “the developers of Ironwood are delighted that these immigration changes are going to be put in place. The ability to stay for a six month period without needing visa renewal will considerably enhance the desirability of Ironwood and the Cayman Islands as a destination of choice for property owners and investors.”

Hon. Joseph Hew, Councillor for Tourism and Transport explained, “once the directive is implemented, Immigration Officers may grant a six month visa where the person can demonstrate they own a home in Cayman Islands where they are intending to stay during their visit, and that they are able to support themselves without the need for employment during their visit.”

“In addition to the new six month visa directives, those visitors who are here for the purpose of attending a meeting with a local entity will be entitled to stay up to a maximum of ten days without the need to acquire a work permit”, he added.

For more information on Ironwood, visit our website at Ironwood is a US$360 million Town Centre, Arnold Palmer Championship Golf Course, residential and commercial center slated for development in the Eastern Districts. Editors and journalists seeking editorial information and downloadable images, please contact:

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