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HSA fuels career ascension and opportunities for Caymanians

The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) is making significant progress in fostering career advancement opportunities for Caymanians with its latest promotions, training achievements and the launch of a succession planning programme.

The HSA remains dedicated to nurturing local talent, evident in the robust numbers reflecting Caymanians within the HSA workforce. Out of almost 1200 employees, 630 are Caymanians. This commitment to local talent is further underscored by the hiring statistics from in 2023, with 237 persons hired, of which 110 was Caymanian. Additionally, 58% of promotions during this period have been awarded to Caymanians, with 37 Caymanians securing well-deserved advancements within the organisation.

In celebrating these achievements, the HSA proudly announces the latest promotions for November and December 2023:

  • Sean Cohen: Business Analyst to Clinical and Financial Applications Manager
  • Danish Blake: Registered Nurse to Shift Coordinator
  • Martika Williams: Registered Nurse to Shift Coordinator
  • Molly Griffith: Shift Coordinator to Clinical Educator
  • Robert Smith: Information Technology Technician to Junior Systems Engineer
  • Jessenia Hooker: Operating Room Attendant to Central Sterile Technician
  • Josie McField-Rhomes: Registration & Payment Processor to Emergency Medical Technician Officer
  • Marcia Porter: Registered Nurse to Patient Experience Officer
  • Kristina Bramwell: Physiotherapist to Patient Experience Officer
Sophia McCoy, Healthcare Aide

“I am truly honored and excited about transitioning into the position of Clinical and Financial Applications Manager at HSA, moving from my role as a Business Analyst. During my 14-year tenure in the Information Technology Department, I have witnessed our organization’s substantial growth and evolution,” said Sean Cohen. 

“It is a source of great pride to observe the recognition and opportunities provided to many Caymanians, myself included, underscoring our value and fostering opportunities for advancement within the organization. I am eager to play a part in the ongoing success of HSA by optimizing our information technology systems to more effectively cater to the needs of our clinical, financial, and support teams,” he added.

These advancements reflect the dedication and excellence of Caymanian professionals within the HSA, contributing to the elevation of healthcare services in the Cayman Islands.

Furthermorethe HSA’s commitment to providing pathways for professional growth is demonstrated through its Healthcare Aide and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training Programmes. The Healthcare Aide programme saw 21 graduates this year. These non-licensed/registered healthcare providers contribute to the well-being and comfort of patients within the hospital and the community. 

Sean Cohen, Clinical and Financial Applications Manager

The programme, accessible to Caymanians with a genuine interest in healthcare and a high school diploma, spans 13 weeks. Combining online learning, skills lab sessions, clinical rotations, and virtual meetings, the programme provides a comprehensive learning experience. With the cost waived for internal HSA participants, over 21 individuals have successfully graduated since its launch in 2021.

Healthcare Aide graduate Sophia McCoy, who was also Valedictorian at the programme’s recent graduation said, “I am truly appreciative of the HSA for creating this training opportunity not only for myself but also my fellow cohorts. It has provided us with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the lives of the patients we interact with every day. The programme gives staff the opportunity to grow within the organisation and evolve in the healthcare field.”

Similarly, the HSA’s EMT Training Programme has succeeded, with eight Caymanians completing the programme this year. These individuals now contribute to the HSA’s Emergency Medical Services, reinforcing the organisation’s ability to respond effectively to medical emergencies across the islands.

Funded and delivered by the HSA, the EMT programme holds accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE). This accreditation enables participants to sit for the United States National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam, offering expanded clinical progression opportunities.

In a strategic move towards securing the future leadership of the HSA, the organisation launched its succession planning programme this year. Aimed at preparing Caymanians for key leadership positions, the programme invites internal candidates to apply for training at various levels, including general, new/middle management, and senior leadership roles.

HSA’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Samantha Bennett expressed enthusiasm for the programme, stating, “Our succession planning programme exemplifies our commitment to developing and empowering local talent. We believe in providing our people with the training and opportunities they need to assume critical roles within the organisation.”

CEO Lizzette Yearwood added, “The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority is dedicated to not only providing exceptional healthcare services but also investing in the growth and success of our local workforce. These initiatives underscore our commitment to building a strong, skilled, and resilient healthcare system for these Islands.”

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