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How to pack lightly for a long trip in the USA

Long trips vary for everyone. A long trip could be an official duty away from home. To another person, it may be a long vacation that is long overdue or a visit to a family member or friend for one reason or the other. Whatever the reason may be, there are certain things one has to take into consideration especially when it comes to packing. You do not want to pack your whole house all in the name of you going on a long trip. Here are some things to know that might help you plan appropriately and pack right.

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Pack only necessities: depending on the nature of one’s trip, one will know what to consider as a necessity. 

  • If your trip involves staying at residential places (e.g. apartments, hostels, hotels, etc.) then you are lucky because most of these residence places come fully furnished. This reduces the number of things one needs to pack as things like bedding, plate ware, etc. are not necessary to be packed.
  • Grocery stores, shopping malls, convenience stores, etc. can be found within walking distance of every residential area. Therefore, things that can be gotten from the nearest grocery store or shopping mall can be skipped when packing. Things like foodstuffs, water, certain body and hair products, stationaries, etc. can be gotten from any of these places when one arrives at their final destination. 

Make plans for transport: 

  • You can get to the nearest store to get things you need by using public transport, a personal vehicle, or a rented vehicle. If your destination happens to be Cincinnati city, you are lucky. This is because there are many cars for rent in Cincinnati so; the process of renting will be less tasking and tedious. You can rent a car by visiting the website van rental in Cincinnati.
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  • If you exclude home accessories, foodstuffs, and other things one can easily get at a new location, you are left with very few things to pack. Things like clothes, shoes, some snacks, hair and body products, and other minor things one considers necessary. It is important to ensure that whatever you are packing, you alone can carry it without problem or ensure it will fit into your car.
  • The above tips might not really be helpful if one travels for a long to nonresidential areas. A good example is camping and backpacking. In cases like this, whilst the travelers must pack lightly because of the long trip ahead, they cannot afford to skip certain things. Because they will not have access to fully furnished places or stores within a stone’s throw distance. Therefore, everything is important and necessary. Although some use camper vans that, they got from car rental companies.
  • A very good solution for these travelers is to rent a car or van that is good for traveling. Many US rental cars are great for long trips and can accommodate one’s luggage. Examples are Jeep Wrangler, Range Rover, minivans, etc. This will help one to move around easily without worrying about the weight of your luggage. You can check for more car choices and information.
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After you are sure that you have gotten everything on your packing list, now it is time to pack. To pack:

  • Get a bag with many loopholes for stuffing things.
  • Do not pack heavy clothes. Now is not the time to stuff heavy clothes into a bag when you are managing space. If they are heavy, wear them if possible. If not, leave it behind.
  • Pick neutral clothes. It is understandable that one might not want to leave their fashion sense behind. One can pick neutral, light, and warm clothes of their choice that are stylish. 
  • Fold your clothes in a layering manner. This will help prevent them from being rough. Roll some and stuff them in the bag’s free holes if necessary.
  • Asides from clothes, pack things that are a ‘must have’ not things you want or many need.

After considering many factors, you are ready to travel smart and light for your long trip. You can check out other tips to travel light here.


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