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How to choose the best 9-seat van hire in the UK?

Renting a car is a popular service for people who do not have their own car, as well as for tourists who need an automobile in a particular country. There are different vehicles for various needs, but if you are travelling with a big company or have oversized luggage, a 9 seater minibus hire is exactly what you need! Minibuses are available for rent for a couple of days, as well as for a long period. All models are regularly serviced and are in excellent technical condition.

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What is a 9 seat van hire class?

A 9 seat auto class is a type of vehicle called a “minibus”. Choosing such a type of car is popular due to an opportunity to save on rent as you don’t have to hire 2 vehicles for a large group of people. It’s a very profitable option for those who are travelling with friends or family and there is a need to save money and journey in comfort. The first 9 seater car hire option is the Ford Transit, being one of the most reasonably priced vehicles. The second beneficial solution is hiring such automobiles as the Mercedes Vito and other V-Class models, which combine luxurious style and a cozy, enjoyable salon.

Choosing the second option will be as profitable as selecting the first one, as the customer won’t overpay in contrast with renting 2 vehicles in the premium category. By offering car hire for 9, you benefit through:

  • fuel economy;
  • saving on insurance;
  • parking econ.

Hence, the customer gets a luxurious 9 seater people carrier hire without a need to pay through the nose for several rentals. Choosing from the most reliable rental companies like Avis, Hertz, or Enterprise is recommended to spend a UK vacation with your near and dear in the most terrific way!

What licence do you need to drive and hire a 9 seater car?

A person with a B-category driving licence has the right to drive a van in the UK. Nevertheless, there are several features of getting such a permit depending on your driving experience and the minibus dimensions. According to UK legislation, cars with 9-16 seats are named minibuses. For example, an 8 or 9 seat vehicle hire can be legally driven by a person with a standard auto licence. 

However, if you drive a vehicle that doesn’t meet those requirements, you are to have a D1 category for a minibus (since 1997 a standard car licence doesn’t include a D1 permit).

Can I drive and hire a 9 seater car with a B licence?

Drivers who got their licence after 1997 don’t have the D1 entitlement. However, there is an opportunity to drive a 9 seater MPV hire  or another vehicle up to 16 seats provided that you meet these requirements:

  1. Being at least 21.
  2. A car licence with a 2-year-experience.
  3. Driving is your own violation.
  4. Using a car for social goals.
  5. You don’t set a fare for passengers.
  6. Vehicle weight up to 3.5 tonnes (up 4.25 tonnes – subject to transporting special equipment for the disabled).
  7. No hind-carriage towing. 

Which car hire companies have 9 seater people carrier hire in the UK?

There is a vivid variety of leading car hire agencies to choose from. As for minibuses, or 9 seat van hire, there are several companies offering such options, including Avis, Hertz, Arnold Clark, Europcar, Enterprise, Sixt and others. You may compare available variants by price, location, comfort and other criteria to select the most beneficial car hire company for you!

How to get a cheap 9 seat van hire in the UK?

By searching for a particular car in the UK, the customer will see the list of available options and hire agencies. There you will be able to find out and compare all the appropriate information concerning the vehicle, including price, location and terms of cooperation with car rental companies. 

 When there is a need to hire a 9 seater car in the UK, consider several factors: cabin capacity (how many people you will need to transport), fuel consumption and gearbox type, luggage compartment volume, and additional options (air conditioning, Wi-Fi, child seat, etc.) Depending on these factors, you will be able to choose the best suitable vehicle, both comfortable and affordable!


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